Background Music for Children's Video and Story

Background Music for Children’s Video and Story

Stories are an ingenious medium for conveying a message, especially to children. However, storytelling is an art that involves using dramatic voices and incorporating background music to make the story memorable. Here is how to include music for children’s videos and stories.

Stories remain one of the most preferred mediums for passing messages to the younger generation. However, human evolution has reinvented storytelling as a medium for conveying a message. Pictures and illustrations were among the first incorporations to children's storybooks to enhance their appeal to children.

Background music is now the newest innovative way to spruce children's stories and videos. You can include background music alongside your children's stories or videos to help you capture and retain the attention of a child’s wandering mind. You are in the right place if you want to incorporate background music for children’s videos and stories.

What is children's story background music?

Children's story background music

Children’s story background music is any song or melody addition to a children's story medium. Children’s story mediums exist in different forms, and you can include background music in any medium. Below are storytelling mediums that you can use and incorporate background music alongside your children's stories.

  • Print Stories – These are conventional children's stories inside a paperback storybook. You can make a custom music/melodies playlist to incorporate and complement your stories while reading to children.
  • Audio Books – This is a modern medium where you record the reading of a children's storybook. Audiobooks can have a recording of one or more vocal characters to enhance the storytelling experience. You can incorporate background music into a children's audiobook to make it entertaining and memorable as possible.
  • Videos – This is also a modern medium where you can turn a children's storybook into a visual work of art. Turning a children’s storybook into a work of art involves translating the story into video illustrations before adding background music to enhance the perception and memorability of the story.

Benefits of adding background music to children’s stories

Benefits of adding background music to children’s stories

Background music is beneficial in more than one way when incorporating it into any children’s storytelling medium. Below are the benefits of children’s story background music.

1. Unlocks the music world – Adding background music to children’s stories enhances a child’s interaction with the music world. Background music helps the child’s brain to develop sensory organs responsible for music perception.

2. Makes story memorable – Background music is beneficial because it enhances memory development in children, thus helping them remember the storyline in the future.

3. Improves dictation – Dictating a story to children with visual and audio effects makes the story more entertaining. Background music, melodies, or sound effects helps the narrator emphasize or highlight different sections of a story. You can use background music as a literary tool to enact dramatic scenes in children’s stories.

4. Helps process emotion – Background music in children's stories is beneficial because it can help a child develop their brain by stimulating various sensory organs responsible for processing emotions.

5. Helps stimulate creative process – Background music to children’s stories is beneficial to a child’s creative process because it helps them perceive the story virtually inside their brain.

Background music in children’s stories is essential in brain development because it helps stimulate the growth of the sensory cortex, corpus callosum, mortar cortex, prefrontal cortex, amygdala, auditory cortex, hippocampus, visual cortex, and cerebellum.

How can you incorporate background music into children’s stories?

Incorporate background music into children’s stories

The procedure for incorporating background music into children’s stories varies depending on the story medium. Technical music incorporation procedures may differ slightly, but general steps remain the same regardless of the story medium. The general steps involve studying the plot, theme, and characters before downloading the appropriate background music to incorporate into the children’s story.

Where can you download background music for children’s stories?

You download background music for children’s stories

Copyrights licenses are an essential consideration before incorporating any background music in any of your children’s stories. You must use copyright-free or purchase a copyright license to avoid legal battles due to copyright infringement. The best place to get royalty-free or affordable copyrighted music is to use online resources like the Envato Elements music platform.

However, if you opt for royalty-free background music, ensure you also use online copyright-checking tools to confirm that the background music you are about to use is legally free. Below is a list of online resources for downloading affordable royalty-free background music for your children's stories.

1. Envato Elements

You can visit the Envato Elements official website to access unlimited background music and their respective copyright license at an affordable monthly subscription fee. Envato Elements charges $16.50/month to enable you to access premium features like advanced search filters (genre, mood, sound effect, or temp) to help you get the perfect background music.


You can use the music platform to download background music free from copyrights or royalty claims. offers a limited free trial to new users, but you can afterward subscribe to their monthly packages ranging between $9.99/per month to $28.20/per month. The subscription fee grants you access to their unlimited and ever-growing database for music and sound effects downloads.

How to choose the best background music for your children’s stories

Choose the best background music for your children’s stories

The best background music to incorporate into your children’s stories is the one that compliments the plot, theme, and characters in your story. Ensure you select high-tempo background music with memorable hook lines to help keep children engaged and also help them remember the storyline afterward.


The above online resources for downloading background music are a few examples. You can always search for other similar online music platforms where you can download affordable background music to incorporate into your story medium.

Software like Audacity are also helpful for recording and editing your children's audiobooks. One of the advantages of using Audacity is that it is a free third-party audio software, yet it offers high-quality sound recording and editing features. You can also test other third-party software like Filmora Video Editor, Smilebox, Photo Story, Ezvid, and Avidemux to help you incorporate your preferred background music download into your children’s videos and stories.

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