Background Music For Supermarkets

Background Music For Supermarkets and Food Stores

Are you looking for ways to create a more welcoming environment for your customers? Look no further than the power of background music! Background Music in the supermarket can positively affect customer experience, increase sales, and create a more pleasant atmosphere. In this post, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on background music for supermarkets and food stores.

Without some background music, grocery shopping can be fairly dull. The perfect background music makes shopping more pleasurable and welcoming. As a result, your consumers will be more at ease and eager to shop. Background music not only pleases the clients but also uplifts the staff's spirit. Not sure how to pick the ideal music for a supermarket? Don't worry; this piece covers all you need to know about picking the ideal background music for grocery shops and other food establishments and how it can help create a memorable experience for your customers. If this sounds interesting, read on!

Do You Need Background Music In A Supermarket?


Anyone who has done their grocery or grocery store shopping understands how monotonous it can be to go along long aisles without background music. The shopping experience must include background music since it helps create the right atmosphere in the business. Without it, customers would feel lifeless, as if they were in an empty room.

The following are some of the ways how background music can benefit your business:

  • Boost average spending: Classical music, in particular, has been shown to influence consumers' opinion of a product's quality. As a result, the consumer may part with more cash than they had planned.
  • Customers shop for longer: Without background music, customers tend to visit supermarkets for shorter periods of time. Soft music, such as LOFI, can make the customers feel less rushed and more relaxed, resulting in longer visits and more spending.
  • Increasing sales: Shoppers often move and shop with the pace of the music. As a result, if the background music is fast-paced and upbeat, shoppers tend to move and shop faster, resulting in higher average spending.
  • Entertainment: It's important to keep the customers engaged and entertained while shopping. If the shopping experience is boring, customers are more likely to leave without buying anything.

Where To Get The Best Supermarket Music

Now that you know the advantages of background music in a supermarket, you’re probably wondering where you can find the best music. Here we discuss the best two options for finding great music to play in the background of your supermarket. Let's take a look.

Cloud Cover

Cloud Cover

If you are looking for the best music to ease the shopping experience of your shoppers, then cloud cover for supermarket music is the way to go. The digital streaming solution from Cover Music enables US and Canadian companies to lawfully play music with low-cost setup and licensing. Cloud Cover offers a wide selection of music from major labels, independent artists, and curated playlists for any supermarket environment.

Cloud Cover has three subscription plans for supermarket music: Music, Manage, and Messaging Plan. The prices of the subscriptions and the perks they offer are as follows:

Music Plan: $16.16 per month per location (annual) or $17.95 (monthly)

    • Includes all licenses.
    • Clean music.
    • Commercial free.
    • Music mixing and streaming.
    • Regular station updates.

Manage Plan: $20.61 per month per location (annual) or $22.90 per month per location (monthly)

    • Branding control.
    • Location monitoring.
    • Management reporting.
    • Centralized control.

Messaging Plan: $26.96 per month per location (annual) or $29.95 per month per location (monthly)

    • You can upload your own Ads.
    • Select Select the message frequency.
    • Drive impulse sales.

Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand

Soundtrack Your Brand is another popular option when it comes to supermarket music. With Soundtrack Your Brand, you can get the perfect sound for your store, one that will create the perfect atmosphere for customers. Besides supermarkets, Soundtrack Your Brand has been used in many other establishments, including hotels, fashion stores, and restaurants. This just goes to show how versed and effective this platform is. Many people have erroneously called Soundtrack Your Brand Spotify for Business. It has been used by major clients such as IKEA and Mcdonald's, so you can be sure that it is of the highest quality.

Soundtrack Your Brand has three subscription options: Essential, Unlimited, and Enterprise. The prices of the subscriptions and the perks they offer are as follows:

Essential Plan: $47 per month per location.

    • A wide variety of music of up to 50 million songs.
    • Custom AI stations.
    • Over 560 curated playlists.
    • Drag and drop playlist scheduling.

Unlimited Plan: $67 per month per location.

    • Everything in the Essential Plan.
    • Custom playlists.
    • Integration with Spotify.

Enterprise Plan: Personalized pricing based on the client's needs and any additional features.

    • Everything in the Essential and Unlimited plans.
    • Priority customer support.
    • Different billing options.
    • Assisted onboarding.

Can you play Spotify in your supermarket?

Spotify in your supermarket

If you love Spotify, you may be wondering if you can play your favourite playlist instead. Unfortunately, that would be against the law. Doing so also hurts the music industry. Suppose you play your Spotify playlist in your store, you’re not only breaching the terms and conditions of Spotify and all other major personal streaming services, but you’re also violating copyright laws like the US Copyright Act, Canada’s Copyright Act, and the EU Copyright Directive. However, there is a simple fix—Soundtrack Your Brand allows you to play Spotify tracks without hassle. With Soundtrack Your Brand, you can play any song at any time, as well as perform advanced search operations like those found in Spotify and make your own playlists.

Bottom Line

Getting the perfect background music for supermarkets and food stores is essential for creating a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers. If you are looking for background music that is engaging, upbeat, and energetic yet not too distracting, there are many options available. The best places to get background music for supermarkets and food stores are from royalty-free music sites and streaming services such as Cloud Cover and Soundtrack Your Brand. When playing music in a supermarket or food store, always ensure you are doing it legally to avoid copyright infringement.

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