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Royalty-Free Music for Video Marketing (+ Where to Download)

Music adds meaning and creates a deeper resonance to your marketing videos. However, you'll need the right music for your marketing video and brand to achieve your marketing goals.

The right track can turn your marketing video into a brilliant, engaging tale. Do you ever wonder what music is good for marketing and where to find it? Here is everything you need to know about music for video marketing. Read on to find out more.

Music is an important part of any video marketing strategy. It helps grab the viewer's attention and complements the message you would like to deliver. Therefore, music ensures your marketing video is engaging, leading to a higher conversion rate. However, you'll be required to find music relating to your brand video for effective video marketing.

Do you want your audience to listen to a song, and automatically your brand comes to mind? We will help you find the right music for your marketing videos. Keep reading to learn more about music for video marketing.

Impact of Music on Marketing videos

Impact of Music on Marketing videos

Video marketing is a powerful tool for advertising your products, services, and other aspects of your business. Adding music can significantly change the entire piece. Here is how music can elevate your marketing videos:

  • It helps define the emotion in the video.
  • It helps support your message
  • Translates your marketing video into a brand story
  • Makes people feel engaged and connected with your brand

Having a high-quality video accompanied by good music is all you need to win the viewers' interest in your brand.

Can You Use Free Music for Marketing Videos?

You Use Free Music for Marketing Videos

Free music are those songs found under the public domain or Creative Commons licenses. While they are free, using them for your marketing videos is not advisable due to the following reasons:

  • Licenses are free as long as they are used in personal projects: Most of these free songs can only be used in personal projects. Therefore, you'll need a license to use them for commercial purposes.
  • A large music catalog: With so many songs to look through, you'll have difficulty finding the right one for your brand. Before using a song, you'll spend too much time looking through various online pages and understanding the licenses offered.
  • Limited customization: Most free songs require attribution and cannot be modified to meet your specific needs.
  • Restrictions: Platforms like YouTube may have restrictions when using a free song on your marketing video.

Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

Since famous songs can be expensive and free ones are not convenient for video marketing, what kind of music can you use on your videos? Typically, royalty-free music is the best for video marketing. These are songs specially created for professional projects.

You'll be required to pay a one-time fee to use the music without any limits. You can use the song anywhere and as much as you want without additional costs. Used by major brands like Google, it's recommended to stick to royalty-free music.

Where to Find Music for Marketing Videos

Different platforms provide royalty-free music for commercial use with no royalties or limits. Here are common sources of royalty-free music that you can use on your marketing videos.

1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sounds

Epidemic Sound is one of the most popular platforms with a large collection of royalty-free music and sound effects. Collaborating with some of the most talented musicians, you're sure to find the right song for your brand. You'll only be required to buy a simple license and have all the legal rights to a track. Pricing starts as low as $15 per month.

2. Audio Jungle

AudioJungle Overview

Audio Jungle is another great source of royalty-free music with over a million music tracks and sound clips. It offers different licenses depending on how you want to use the track. Tracks are also priced individually, ranging from as low as $1 to more than $1000. This makes it a great platform if you would like to buy a single song.

3. Artlist


Artlist offers a wide variety of quality royalty-free music for your marketing videos. You'll choose from thousands of songs and sound effects categorized and curated by mood, genre, theme, instrument, and duration. The platform regularly updates its catalog and allows you to buy one license that covers the entire library. Therefore, it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for, with subscriptions starting as low as $9.99.

4. Soundstripe

Soundstripe Overview

Soundstripe provides unlimited access to songs across various genres, mood vocals, pace, durations, and instruments. You'll also find thousands of sound effects that you can use on your projects. Additionally, Soundstripe offers various subscriptions to match your needs.

You can choose from the standard unlimited membership license, which starts from around $11 a month, or a premium account, which also includes sound effects at $21 per month. Soundstripe also offers an SFX Only account for creators who would like only to use sound effects.

5. PremiumBeat

Premiumbeat Free Music Overview

PremiumBeat offers high-quality music tracks for your marketing videos. Owned by Shutterstock, it provides a diverse selection of royalty-free music from various artists, including their own. You'll also find curated playlists to help you find the best track for your videos. Prices start at $49 per track or $199 for a premium license.

Tips on Finding the Right Music for Video Marketing

Tips on Finding the Right Music for Video Marketing

The music you choose can affect how people perceive your marketing video. You'll not want to have a song distracting your audience but rather one that helps deliver your message. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing music for your marketing videos:

  • Mood and tone: Define the mood and tone of your video depending on how you want it to be perceived. This can help you find music that matches the mood and story of your marketing video. Most platforms allow you to search tracks based on the emotions you want to trigger.
  • Pace: Find music that matches the pace of your marketing video.
  • Target audience: Look for the style of music that your target audience is likely to enjoy and relate to.
  • Purpose of the music: Music can be used as your marketing video's foreground or background. Therefore, choosing songs that don't drive attention away from the video is important. It should blend in and support the video.

With thousands of songs available, it's important to experiment with different songs until you find the one that meets your needs.


Videos are a masterclass in branding your business. They make it easy for viewers to consume content, making them one of the most effective marketing tools. Nonetheless, you'll have to choose the right music for your video to achieve video marketing success. You can easily find royalty-free music from the various platforms discussed above. And by using the tips covered in this article, you can ensure you have the right track for your marketing video.

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