Background Music for TV Quiz Shows

Background Music for TV Quiz Shows

Having a good TV quiz show depends not only on the format but also on having the perfect music. Choosing the right background music helps build excitement as contestants show off their knowledge. They provide a wide range of opportunities where having the ideal background music can take the show to a whole new level. Keep reading to learn how to make your TV quiz show special with good background music.

TV Quiz shows are fascinating, exciting and enjoyable as they allow the participants to showcase their knowledge. While they may be attractive to all kinds of audiences, a TV quiz show cannot run without the right music. You’ll need music to tell the audience what’s happening. Whether it’s a participant winning or losing, moving on to the next segment or going for a break. Therefore, you’ll have to choose the background music you use carefully. It will help set the viewer’s mood and make the show more enjoyable. This article will show you how to find background music for TV quiz shows.

What’s the Best Music for a TV Quiz Show?

TV Quiz Show

TV Quiz shows are Q&A programs that require energetic and attractive music. You’ll need a song that entertains and captures your viewers’ attention. This will encourage the participants to be ruthless in pursuing the top prize while encouraging the audience to watch to the end.

Therefore, you should carefully select the right music in addition to getting a fascinating host. You should know the genre or type of song you want to narrow your search. Remember also to listen to different pieces until you decide which one best suits your TV Quiz show.

Do You Need Licensed Background Music for TV Quiz Shows?

Licensed Background Music

Whether you’re producing content for YouTube, streaming platforms or TV shows, you must use licensed music. Therefore, in most cases, you’ll be required to pay for the music you use for your show. Failing to acquire the right license for the background music may lead to severe consequences, including:

  • Heavy fines: You may be penalized and asked for fined large sums of money for copyright infringement.
  • Criminal penalties: Copyright infringement may also lead to years of imprisonment.
  • Termination: Your show may get cancelled for illegally using copyrighted music.

With artists and producers on the lookout for any audiovisual that illegally uses their music, it’s important to avoid using copyrighted songs without permission. However, this does not mean that you should use free music on your TV Quiz show.

Why You Should Avoid Free Music

You Should Avoid Free Music

While free music may be your first thought when you think of background music, it’s not advisable. Free music comes with a wide range of challenges, especially for TV shows. They include:

  • Attribution challenges: With most free songs, you’ll be required to mention and attribute the artist. This can be quite difficult when it comes to a TV quiz show.
  • Editing challenges:  Free songs don’t often allow editing. Without edit points, it’s impossible to tweak a song to suit your quiz show.
  • Misinterpretation of the song’s license: Misunderstanding the license could lead to substantial monetary losses and expensive copyright infringement lawsuits.
  • Poor quality: The lower quality of free music may negatively affect your Quiz show and drive away your audience.

While you may save yourself money, you’ll encounter many problems that cannot be easily resolved. Keep reading to learn the legal ways of using background music for TV Quiz shows.

How to Legally Use Background Music for TV Quiz Shows

Good music is the secrete to a successful Quiz show. However, you cannot just download and use copyrighted music on your show. There are different legal ways to add background music to your TV show. They include:

a) Custom-tailored music

Custom-tailored music

This involves creating custom songs and sound effects for your Quiz show. This approach allows you to have personalized music that can only be played in your show. You’ll be required to hire specialized music staff to create songs from scratch.

Creating custom background music can be very expensive and time-consuming. You could also make a mistake on the style of music suitable for your Quiz show. This will lead to the creation of less impactful music, making your show less enjoyable. Without the freedom of trying out a wide range of songs, you’ll have a melody that doesn’t match your show, making it impossible to achieve your objectives.

b) Buying music rights

You can also get permission to use a song by buying music rights through a PRO or directly from the artist or the record company. For most pieces, it’s better to reach an agreement with the recording company than the artists themselves. You’ll then agree on how much to pay every time their music is played on your Quiz show.

Obtaining permission to use a song can be very expensive and challenging. You’ll have to pay a considerable amount of money and go through complex processes to get the music rights of a song.

c) Royalty-free music

Royalty-free music

There is no better way to get background music for a TV Quiz show than royalty-free music. Royalty-free music is easy to license and suitable for any budget. You can easily buy a license online, giving you access to thousands of songs for your TV Quiz show.


Royalty-Free Music is the Best Option

Royalty-free music allows you to acquire high-quality music without copyright issues or digging deeper into your pocket. Luckily, there are many popular platforms where you can find royalty-free music for your TV Quiz show. Typically, AudiojJungle is one of the largest sources of TV Quiz music.


AudioJungle Overview

Lined with a diverse music library of over 70,000 songs and sound effects, AudioJungle should be your first-choice source of background music for TV Quiz shows. It offers a simple interface and a pre-listening feature that allows you to listen to tracks before purchasing.

You can choose the standard license, with prices ranging from $26 to $29 per license, or the mass production license, whose price ranges from $80 to $100 without any restrictions. You can also find sound effects for various segments of your Quiz show.



Being one of the most successful TV formats, Quiz shows require diverse, well-crafted and memorable music to stand out. They can be funny or, at times, challenging and intimidating. And that’s why you’ll need iconic quiz show music to deliver the right mood. Like any other content, you’ll need licensed music to achieve this purpose without any future complications. We hope you find the right songs through the options discussed above to create the perfect and most enjoyable TV Quiz Show.

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