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Top 10 Royalty Free Happy Music (+ Where to Download)

Music can evoke emotions and set the tone of your visual content. However, navigating the world of music licensing can be overwhelming and expensive. But with royalty-free music, you can access high-quality music tracks without breaking your budget or worrying about copyright issues. Royalty free happy music is ideal for content producers, YouTubers, vloggers, and anybody needing cheerful music. This category of music features lively beats and appealing songs.

Here is our top 10 royalty-free happy music, including where to download.

1. Happy Ukulele by White Cat Music

Happy Ukulele by White Cat Music

This track is a joyful and uplifting sound that aims to evoke feelings of optimism and enthusiasm. The song has a ukulele melody that is lively and high-spirited, creating a feeling of energy and movement to make you happy. It also involves handclaps throughout the song and a delightful whistle melody to give even more playfulness and appeal.

The song is available on AudioJungle and

2. Happy by AudioJungle

Happy by AudioJungle

It is an exciting song featuring lovely acoustic guitar melodies, upbeat piano chords, and rhythmic handclaps. The instruments work together to provide a warm, comforting sound that can make you smile. This song is ideal for videos showcasing eventful highlights like weddings, vacations, travel journals, and family gatherings, among others, to help bring vigor and excitement.

Your viewers will likely feel the fun and playfulness evoked by your video's energetic and upbeat music, especially those meant to be circulated and shared on social media platforms.

To download the exciting melody, you can visit AudioJungle.

3. Happy Upbeat Corporate

Happy Upbeat Corporate

This music is a vibrant instrumental piece by AudioJungle that creates a cheerful vibe. It’s an excellent choice for presentations, advertisements, and other marketing content. It features a powerful synthetic melody that provides a contemporary and lively vibe. Besides, it features guitars and drums that add a rhythmic and energized groove.

Download the royalty-free Happy Upbeat Corporate music from the Free Stock Music platform under the Creative Commons License.

4. Summer Pop by MorningLightMusic

Summer Pop by MorningLightMusic

It is a vibrant and uplifting music track perfect for creating a joyful mood in your summer-themed films and projects. A catchy piano riff, lively synthesizers, electric guitars, and energizing drumming drive the song's melody. Combining the tunes produces a modern and perfect sound for trip videos, vacation vlogs, and beach scenes.

The track begins with a catchy piano riff and is quickly joined by an upbeat drum rhythm to form an engaging groove that establishes the mood for the rest of the song. 

To download the exciting melody, visit or AudioJungle.

5. Happy Inspiration by TunePocket

Happy Inspiration by TunePocket

The song has a beautiful and evocative melody, making it perfect for projects that require a soft and emotional soundtrack. The tune begins with a soft piano melody that eventually gives way to strings, which boosts the piece's emotional intensity. The melody continues to grow throughout the song, giving it a feeling of movement and growth that mirrors the journey of the project it accompanies.

The overall audio quality is polished and skilled, with a clear mix that lets each instrument stand out while blending in to provide a harmonious and upbeat sound. 

The music is available to download on TunePocket.

6. Bright Future by AudioJungle

Bright Future by AudioJungle

It is a happy and optimistic music track with a unique and catchy synth melody that intends to uplift and motivate you by highlighting achievement, success, and advancement. As the song continues, more elements are incorporated into the mix, including energetic guitars and other electronic noises, which all combine to make the song feel vibrant and unified.

To get this royalty-free music, visit AudioJungle to download it.

7. Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky

It is an uplifting track by AudioJungle designed to evoke a sense of happiness. The song starts with a vibrant piano melody, quickly accompanied by handclaps. Drums enter the song as it goes along, creating a powerful rhythm that keeps it interesting. You may sing along because of the melody's simplicity and memorability. Happy Go Lucky is a short, concentrated piece that clocks in at about two minutes, making it ideal for short movies or background music for advertisements and other marketing content.

The song is available on,, or AudioJungle.

8. Cheerful Acoustic

Cheerful Acoustic

It is a happy and upbeat music track by AudioJungle intended to elicit joy. The song starts with an acoustic guitar tune, quickly accompanied by the piano to bring warmth and enthusiasm. The drums are employed, and you can easily sing along because the melody is straightforward and catchy. Cheerful Acoustic is a tune that is just about two minutes long, making it ideal for use in short movies or as background music for advertisements and other marketing materials.

 To get this royalty-free music, visit AudioJungle to download it.

9. Happy Folk

Happy Folk

It is a cheerful music track characterized by its lively rhythm and use of acoustic instruments, such as guitars, handclaps, and drums, that tends to give it a folk-like feel. The song starts with a melodic acoustic guitar riff followed by a rhythm section that features handclaps, tambourines, and shakers to add a dynamic and upbeat quality to the music. The arrangement builds over time by introducing additional instrumentation, such as a banjo, Ukulele, and bass.

Visit,, or to download this royalty-free music.

10. Happy Clappy

Happy Clappy

It is an energetic music track characterized by its upbeat pace and use of handclaps, bells, and acoustic guitar, giving it a playful and cheerful feel. The track begins with an acoustic guitar riff establishes the mood for the entire composition. Soon after, the handclaps and tambourine rhythm section enter, giving the music a lively and fun feel. Bells and chimes in the background add to the track's cheerful and pleasant atmosphere.

To download this royalty-free music, visit, (Happy Clappy Ukulele), and


Adding happy music to any project can help create a positive and uplifting mood for the audience. Happy folk, Happy Ukulele, bright future, and other royalty-free music tracks provide an excellent starting point for content creators, YouTubers, vloggers, and anyone needing cheerful music. Platforms such as AudioJungle,,, and TunePocket, are great resources for finding royalty-free music for your projects. Go ahead and download royalty free happy music and let the good vibes flow.

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