What Headphones Does PewDiePie Use

What Headphones Does PewDiePie Use

PewDiePie is a big deal when it comes to content creation. And like most people, we're curious about what headphones he uses. This article delves into the cutting-edge audio gear he's using to elevate his content creation game. Discover how his audio setup continues to evolve and adapt with the times.

Regarding video games, PewDiePie (AKA Felix Kjellberg) is one of the most popular YouTubers, with over 111 million subscribers. He started as a gamer and did a lot of Let's Play videos, which gained him a massive amount of followers. And even though he's diversified into other forms of content, such as vlogs, he is still well known for gaming.

Pewdiepie has gone through many headphones over the years, and the Razer brand remains his most used type of headphone. That being said, here's a couple more on the kinds of headphones this YouTube influencer uses.

Popular PewDiePie Games

Popular PewDiePie Games

Since starting in 2010, PewDiePie has created content around video games. Among other popular games, this guy often plays these favorite titles:

i. Pewdiepie's YouTuber Simulator – The game mimics the life of a YouTuber. It entails buying setup equipment and gaining viewership to become a star.

ii. The Deadpool game is a shooter game based on the Marvel character of Deadpool.

iii. Minecraft series – Pewdiepie plays sandbox games in a unique way that keeps viewers entertained.

PewDiePie's Audio Setup

PewDiePie's audio setup comprises various components that contribute to delivering high-quality sound for his content creation. Audio quality plays a pivotal role in content creation as it significantly impacts the viewer's experience by enhancing immersion, clarity of communication, and overall production value.

As of his last $ 7 billion setup tour in July 2022, here is an outline of the key items in his audio setup:

  • Razer Nari Ultimate (PewDiePie Edition)
  • Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50-floor standing speaker
  • An Electro-Voice RE320 microphone
  • Soyuz The Launcher microphone activator
  • Behringer UMC202HD audio interface

Headphones Used by PewDiePie

We've rounded up a list of headphones he has used, starting with the most recent and their main features.

1. Audeze LCD-3

Audeze LCD-3

You'll notice PewDiePie uses the Audeze LCD-3 for his February 2023 video, ‘Kids are very dumb”. The headphone has an open-back design and an ultra-thin diaphragm, providing a natural sound with minimal distortion. The planar magnetic drivers can deliver a balanced sound with deep bass and clear highs.

The LCD-3 sets you back $1945, but they are worth the investment in a high-quality set of headphones. In addition, they have a 3-year warranty on drivers and 1 year for the physical parts.

2. Razer Nari Ultimate PewDiePie Edition

Razer Nari Ultimate PewDiePie Edition

It is the most used headphone in PewDiePie's videos. The Razer Nari Ultimate has a gel cushion to cool the ears from excessive heating. The headset claims to have a battery life of up to 20 hours, but users review a maximum of 5 hours of extended use.

It has a thick headband with a built-in microphone that fits comfortably around the head. The PewDiePie Edition is known for its unique wavy red and black pattern and colorful RGB lighting.

3. Razer Kraken Pro V2 PewDiePie Edition

Razer Kraken Pro V2 PewDiePie Edition

This lightweight headset is made of Bauxite aluminum. It is wired and has a retractable mic and an in-line remote for easy use. The Pro V2's compatibility with PC, PS4, and other mobile devices makes it a versatile option for most users. Due to its plastic build, it is cheaply priced at $99.99. This is the first of PewDiePie's headsets with Razer.

4. Sennheiser RS 170

Sennheiser RS 170

These headphones are no longer in production. PewDiePie first used them in 2016 in ‘Fridays With PewDiePie.' They are an early version of wireless headsets and were soon replaced by the RS 180. They have a transmitter that also serves as a charger. The closed-back model gives the user the privacy to listen without disturbing others.

5. Corsair H2100

Corsair H2100

These are featured in PewDiePie's 2016 ‘Try Not To Get Satisfied Challenge.' Like the Sennheiser RS 170, they were one of the early wireless headphones available. The Corsair H2100 Wireless boasts a surround sound of 7.1 and has a bright sound profile.

It has a non-retractable mic that conveniently mutes by flipping up. It also has a 10-hour battery life. Although, it would be hard to withstand the ear cup's thin padding for 10 hours.

6. Monster DNA On-Ear

PewDiePie wore these early in his career, mainly 2013-2014. This headphone comes in various colors and has an excellent design that resonates with the youth. To add to its appeal, it has removable earcups that can be exchanged with other DNA On-Ear headphones. It's meant for personal use because its audio loses definition at high volume.

7. Monster NCredible N-Pulse

The Monster NCredible N-Pulse was mainly designed for DJs due to the swivel cups, which can be pushed out of the way. They have an LED Light Drive system powered by two AAA batteries. Like most plastic headphones, they are prone to damage and, therefore, not ideal for professional use. The headphones are currently unavailable in most online stores.

8. Razer Carcharias

Razer Carcharias

PewDiePie's love for Razer stems from the Razer Razer Carcharias. He was first spotted using the Carcharias in his videos in 2010. The fixed 3-meter-long cable allows for easy movement. Users agree that it is comfortable for long-term use. The line houses an in-line microphone. It delivers a decent gaming experience for an old-school headphone.

Final Thoughts

PewDiePie aligns himself with top-notch headphones that deliver audiophile-grade sound quality and comfort, as with most gamers. He uses the Audeze LCD-3 and the Razer Nari Ultimate PewDiePie Edition.

However, given the dynamic nature of content creation and technology, he's constantly changing to keep up with the best to retain his position as one of the most influential YouTubers.

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