Background Music for Photo Slideshow

Background Music for Photo Slideshow

Slideshows are a great way to remember special events like weddings, anniversaries, funerals, and graduations. Adding music to a collection of photographs will help make it more lively and engaging. But you need to select music that goes hand in hand with the slideshows. This post contains all the information you need about background music for the photo slideshow.

Using background music for a photo slideshow is the best way to create a great collection of memories. But you can't add any music you want to your slideshow. Some songs have copyrights, so you must have the licenses to use them. You may be sued and pay a heavy fine if you violate copyright laws.

Choosing good background music can be quite daunting for many people. But with the help of this article, you will learn a lot about using songs for your picture videos to help you easily choose the best song.

Where to Find High-Quality Songs for Your Picture Videos

Find High-Quality Songs for Your Picture Videos

There are quite many sites you can get some great music to use in your picture slideshow, but you have to be keen and understand music copyrights and licenses. Here are some of the best websites with good music you can consider.

  • Premium Beat. Premium Beat has a very large collection and varied royalty-free music online. You will find a collection of over ten thousand songs handpicked by their in-house music industry specialists, and you can easily filter by instrument, length, mood, artist, and genre.
  • Artlist partners with top artists to create original music for companies like Microsoft and National Geographic. You will find a wide selection of music, and you can easily filter by length, instrument, mood, genre, and theme.
  • More than 80 artists contribute to the library of songs on Soundstripe, which you can sort by Tempo, style, instrumentation, key, vocalist, song length, and Tempo. If you sign up for a Soundstripe account, you can follow your favorite artists and playlists and add songs to your playlists.

The 4 Main Song Licenses Available Online.

The 4 Main Song Licenses Available Online

The free License refers to music in the public domain or one with a Creative Commons License (CCL). Under the CCL license, music can either be “absolutely free” or “with attribution.”

Limited License is Music that you can use in internal training videos without paying royalties, but you will have to pay money to use in promotional videos.

A paid license is when you pay royalties to use a certain song as often as you want. You can pay a monthly subscription to a website that offers royalty-free music or pay annually.

Rights Managed license is when you pay royalties according to how many people download or listen to the music.

How Long Do The Rights to a Royalty Last?

In the United States, a songwriter or musician enjoys copyright protection for their work for their lifetime, plus another 70 years following their death. This rule applies to any collections of works made available to the public after 1978.

The Importance of Licensing Your Music.

The Importance of Licensing Your Music

Most musicians' revenues come from issuing licenses to others who utilize their songs. Using another person's music in a public performance is illegal without obtaining the appropriate rights. With the License in hand, you may use the music, however, for as long as the copyright holder allows.

Platforms to Use in Creating Photo Slideshows

Platforms to Use in Creating Photo Slideshows

You can use the following platforms to create photo slideshows.

  • Animoto creates high-quality slide shows from the photos you upload in the template they give you. But, if you use a free account, the slideshows will have a watermark, and you can only see the slideshow for 30 minutes.
  • Adobe shark helps you create high-quality slideshows easily. Adobe gives you some templates where you should upload your photos and also choose a song that will go well with your slideshow.
  • Video Editing Software helps you to customize the photo slideshow with the music you want. Even though it may take more time and effort, you will have customized the slideshow according to your taste and preference. Apple iMovie, Storyblocks Maker, and Adobe Premiere Pro are some of the best video editing soft wares.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Music to Your Slideshow

Video editing soft wares help you add music to your slideshow. To do this, please refer to the procedures below.

  • Import your soundtrack to play in the background of your slideshow, or you may choose music from the program's huge music collection.
  • Click the play button to listen to how the music blends with the images.
  • Start and stop the video using fade-in and out effects, respectively.
  • Use the auto-trim feature to adjust the duration of your songs.
  • You can save the movie to your computer and watch it later or publish it on Facebook, YouTube, or another site.

How to Pick the Best Background Music for Videos

Pick the Best Background Music for Videos

Here are some tips to help you find the best song for your picture videos.

1. Determine the purpose of the music in your video. Think about the tone of the video you're making. Some music gives the viewers an emotional boost, while others release energy or complement the action on the screen to create an appropriate atmosphere.

2. Find out what kind of music works best for video soundtracks. You can choose the ambient, cinematic, rock, or comedic genres.

3. Use Music as a Reference. Sometimes, a certain tune is in your thoughts (or your brain), and you may utilize it as inspiration. Check it out on YouTube and see if you can identify any similarities in the Tempo, chord sequence, instrumentation, or key with other songs.

4. Work within your budget. You can find some good background music regardless of your budget.


Slideshows are a great way to keep memories of graduation, funeral, or even wedding. But adding some background music to the picture videos makes them even more engaging. When picking the music you want to use, it’s important to consider copyright issues. You can easily find some great music for your background from websites such as premium bet, Soundstripe, and Artlist.

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