Royalty-Free Music For Video Production

Royalty-Free Music For Video Production

Video production is a highly lucrative and growing market. With the demand for good quality, professional videos on the rise, more and more people are starting with their first video projects. Royalty-free music for your video production can be a great way to add more depth to your project.

The most common reason filmmakers go with royalty-free music is that they want to avoid any legal issues. Royalty-free music is ideal for video production because it will not complicate your work and let you get on with what happens in the video. It will also mean that once you have finished the video, it is yours alone. Read on for more information.

Music For Professional Video Production

Music For Professional Video Production

A project is considered professional by a company or agency, is monetized on YouTube, or will appear in a TV commercial. Royalty-free music is an economical way to add quality music to your project legally. Why would someone pay for royalty-free music if there is also free music to download? Here are the reasons.

1. The Company Wants To Be Legally Backed.

Royalty-free music has the backing of a legal license, which can be useful if your service infringes on another's copyright. It also prevents potential problems with a copyright owner from suing you. If you use music licensed by another artist, you are under their legal protection, too.

2. The Need For Higher-Quality Music

The songs you get from royalty-free music providers are of much better quality than what you can get from the free stuff. The reason is that they have more money to invest in the production of their songs, and hence the quality is better.

3. Ease Of Use To Modify Parts Of The Song

One of the main reasons why people buy royalty-free music is because they like being able to modify their songs. They can change or add parts to their original track without additional cost or royalties. They have also found that they can easily download and remix any songs they wish by searching on Google or YouTube and finding out where it was uploaded.

4. They Have Good Search Engines Hence Saving Time.

People prefer buying royalty-free music over standard MP3s because they do not have to spend hours searching for their favourite songs on various websites. They need to look up what has been uploaded online using search engines such as Google and then download them straight away!

Music For Personal Video Production

For an individual project to be considered personal, it should be for personal use only and not represent a company or reap any economic benefits. This is because music is considered intellectual property, so the video's creator must use it.

If you are creating a video for your use and not that of your company, then you will need to find royalty-free music that matches the theme of your video. Many websites offer this type of service and they are all fairly easy to use. Search for tracks that match what you want to create and purchase them through one of these sites.


Jamendo Overview

Jamendo is one of the largest websites in the world, providing free music for video production and other creative projects. They have a huge collection of songs that can be used anywhere in your videos, and they also provide a ton of tools to help you get the best sound quality possible. Jamendo's audio files are hosted on their servers, which means the files are more reliable than those on other sites.

FMA (Free Music Archive)

Free Music Archive Overview

The Free Music Archive is a database of free music that can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution License. The FMA website has a search engine that allows you to search for tracks by genre, mood, and tempo. You can also browse through the artist directory or learn about upcoming events.


NewGrounds is a handy place to find music for personal video production. You can search by topic, genre, or mood, and the site's extensive library of content is updated regularly.

The site's catalog contains many popular tracks from various genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic dance music. The NewGrounds website also offers free streaming radio stations that feature songs from its catalog.


Incompetech is a great place to get music for your videos. They have a huge library of royalty-free music; you can search for the song you want and download it. You can also pay a small amount if you want the piece removed from their site.

The website is easy to use and navigate around on. It has a simple layout with large buttons that take you directly to the area where you need to be. The sound quality is outstanding on all of their tracks as well.



Bensound is a music royalty-free music library site with millions of tracks licensed for video projects. Bensound offers both royalty-free and copyright-free tracks for personal videos and documentaries. The site also offers an extensive collection of sound effects and soundtracks for your video production needs.

Best Sound Effects Available Online. 

Sound effects can be used in personal video production to add a more professional feel. Here are some of the best free sound effects available online.

1. PacDV Free Sound Effects

PacDV Free Sound Effects Overview

PacDV offers a large selection of free sound effects for your video production. They have over 2,300 sounds available for download, including noises from nature and animals, wind and rain, vehicles, people talking, and more!

2. Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects Overview

This site has a great collection of sounds for video production. You can search by genre, mood, or style, so it's easy to find just the right sound for your project. The site also features a large collection of royalty-free sounds that you can download for free!

3. Soundsnap

Soundsnap Overview

Soundsnap is a free and easy-to-use sound effects library for the web. It contains more than 1 million sounds for TV commercials, games, movies, and more. The sounds are organized into nature, people, technology, etc.


Music provides an emotional connection to a video, giving it power and life that would be missing without it. Royalty-free music has almost unlimited potential in the video production industry. With your imagination, it can be tailored and used to suit almost any scenario. It provides all video producers, either for professional or personal use, with music to make their videos more engaging.

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