Top 10 Royalty free Uplifting Music

Top 10 Royalty free Uplifting Music (+ Where to Download)

Looking for some upbeat tunes to brighten your day? You're in luck! In this article, we'll share our top 10 picks of royalty free uplifting music you can use for your projects without worrying about a copyright strike.

Plus, we'll tell you where to download them. Whether you need some background music for your podcast, video, presentation, or just for fun, you'll find something here that suits your mood and style. From cheerful pop to inspiring rock, these songs will make you feel good and energized.

The genre of uplifting music is difficult to define. It's more than a genre; it's an umbrella term for any music that helps one to feel happy, inspired, and motivated. Music has the power to change moods and lift our spirits.

This type of music is quite useful in our day-to-day lives. It can be a great way to start your day or boost yourself during a workout or study session.

Effects of motivational music on mood and performance

Effects of motivational music on mood and performance

Have you ever wondered why motivational music is used in fitness classes?

Here’s why:

  • It helps the exercisers in the zone
  • It distracts them from fatigue.
  • It boosts confidence and inspires them to push harder.

Studies have shown that music can improve endurance, speed, and coordination.

In addition, some people find that listening to uplifting music can be a powerful tool for promoting their mental health and well-being.

Social Media and Music

We are living in a world where music is everywhere. Social media plays a significant role in promoting music and allowing musicians to share their work with a global audience, interact with fans, and promote their events. It influences the music industry as it creates new opportunities and challenges for artists, labels, and distributors. Websites that offer royalty free music have taken socials by storm. They use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram to promote their businesses while providing a range of uplifting music, among other genres, to keep their visitors coming for more.

It's hard for music enthusiasts and creators to keep up with all the upbeat music out there. That's why we have made this dedicated list. You can conveniently go through 10 royalty free uplifting music guaranteed to inspire your next project.

1. Happy by MusicbyAden

Happy By MusicbyAden

The song's title reflects its overall mood and tone, which is upbeat, positive, and uplifting.

‘Happy' is an upbeat, energetic electronic dance track with a catchy melody and driving rhythm. It features a pulsing bassline, bright piano chords, and energetic drums that create a lively and dynamic sound.

Source – SoundCloud

2. Inspiring & Energetic Upbeat Corporate by AudioPizza

This track is great for corporate videos, presentations, or commercials. It has a modern and professional sound, with guitar, piano, and strings. It conveys a sense of confidence and success.

Source – AudioJungle

3. Sunny Day by Scott Holmes Music

Sunny Day by Scott Holmes Music

This track is a fun and lively music piece that motivates you. It has a cheery pop style with electric guitar, bells, synths, bass, and drums. It is ideal for kids, commercial videos, vlogs, or any project that needs some brightness.

Source – Scott Holmes Music

4. Live in the Moment by WEARETHEGOOD

This an upbeat and catchy pop track that features a combination of rap and sing-along style vocals. The song's title reflects its overall theme, which is about the importance of living in the present moment and enjoying life to the fullest.

‘Live in the Moment' has a feel-good, positive vibe that makes it well-suited for various settings, from road trips to beach parties to workouts. The song has a catchy chorus and upbeat energy.

Source – Artlist

5. Dare to Dream by BalloonPlanet (Corporate)

Dare to Dream by BalloonPlanet

The music was released in 2022. It features acoustic guitars, a piano, and drums. It is best suited for use in a business setting.

There are two versions of this track in Artlist. The Corporate track referred to here has a duration of 3:15 minutes, while the other (pop, funk genre) is shorter and lasts 2:15 minutes.

Source – Artlist

6. What What?! Wowow! by Michael Ramir C.

This track is a funky and groovy piece that features guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums.

The music starts slow with piano notes followed by a saxophone and guitar strumming.

It has a playful and catchy mood that can make your projects more fun and engaging.

Source – Mix kit

7. Summer Fun by Infraction

Summer Fun by Infraction

This track is a catchy and groovy piece of music that will make you want to dance and have fun. It has an EDM style, with bass, drums, and vocal chops. It is excellent for party videos, fashion shows, or festivals.

Source – YouTube

8. Flourishing Motivation by Motion Array

This track is positive and uplifting. It features an acoustic guitar, piano, and strings. The track is perfect for corporate-friendly occasions that require a feel-good vibe, which makes it great for video presentations.

Source – Motion Array

9. CHONKLAP by Out of Flux

CHONKLAP by Out of Flux

This upbeat tune plays funky guitars, groovy bass, and drums. It is perfect for any project that needs fun and energetic background music, such as vlogs and commercials. It is available in different versions and lengths to suit your needs.

Source – Artlist

10. Earth & Heavens by Semo

Earth & Heavens by Semo

It starts with a soft piano melody and builds to a more uplifting and motivational sound. It features acoustic guitars, drums, piano, and bass. It's a very upbeat track that will make your audience happy and inspired. The song ends with a fade-out ending to let your project end smoothly.

Source – Artlist


There are so many options to consider when it comes to uplifting music. This list goes on and on, but the point is that you can easily find music in this genre if you know where to look. You only need to visit the sources provided and download the songs you like. It's that easy!

We hope you found a piece that suits your needs and tastes. Now go ahead and create something amazing with these fantastic tracks.

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