Where to Get Elevator Music

Where to Get Elevator Music

Getting elevator music can be a bit of a challenge. You might think that you can find it online, but when you do that, you're paying for music without having any control over the quality or licensing. Here's where to get this new and challenging music for your elevators.

Elevator music has been around since the late 1800s, but it’s only recently that we’ve begun to recognize its importance. It helps us relax, de-stress and make the most of our travel time, and provides an inviting atmosphere for shoppers and customers. But where can you find good elevator music? Various sources are available online, from streaming services to independent musicians, so it’s worth researching what’s out there before making a decision. Let’s explore some of the best places to get elevator music and what you should look for in your search.

Background of Elevator Music

Background Of Elevator Music

For many of us, elevator music is synonymous with the soft, piped-in Muzak that plays in shopping malls and office buildings. This type of music is designed to be discreet and relaxing, creating a calm atmosphere for shoppers and workers alike.

Muzak was invented in the 1920s by George Owen Squier, a retired U.S. Army colonel. Squier founded Muzak Corporation, which specialized in providing background music for businesses.

Muzak's elevator music became so ubiquitous that it eventually entered into popular culture as a shorthand for bland, uninspired background noise. In recent years, however, Muzak has reinvented itself as a provider of custom-made background music, offering businesses the opportunity to create their unique soundscape.

What Are the Best Genres of Elevator Music?

What Are The Best Genres Of Elevator Music

The best elevator music is not just the kind that gets you from one floor to another in a timely fashion. It's also the kind that makes you want to stay in your apartment for longer, and that's not just because of the music — it's because of the vibe.

If you're looking for excellent elevator music, there are a few different genres you can choose from. Classical music is always a good option, as it's relaxing and easy to listen to. Jazz is another excellent genre for elevator music, as it's often mellow and calming.

  • Jazz

Jazz has a lot going for it in terms of setting a relaxing tone without being too overt about it. It has a wide variety of styles and genres, so there's something for everyone here.

  • Classical

Classical music can be more subtle than other types, but it's also more subtle than most other types simultaneously. Businesses can easily use it to set the perfect mood without drawing attention to itself too much or distracting from different sounds around you (like talking on phones or people moving around).

The Benefits of Elevator Music

We all know the feeling of being in an elevator and hearing that soft, calming music playing in the background. But did you know that there are actual benefits to elevator music? Studies have shown that elevator music can help to:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Make people feel more relaxed

So next time you're stressed, try stepping into an elevator and letting the soothing sounds of elevator music help you relax.

Where to Find Royalty-Free Elevator Music

Royalty-Free Elevator Music

If you're looking for royalty-free elevator music, there are a few places you can check out. One option is to search for “royalty-free music” on a search engine like Google. It will bring up a variety of websites that offer royalty-free music.

Another option is to check out some of the many online stock music libraries. These libraries typically have a large selection of tracks available for purchase, and many of them offer royalty-free options.

Also, you can find some good elevator music by searching for creative commons music on sites like Soundcloud or Bandcamp. Creative commons music is made free by the artist and can be used for commercial purposes as long as you give credit to the artist.

The Best Platforms to Get Elevator Music

There are a few good platforms to check out if you're looking for elevator music. Here are some of the best, along with their prices:

  • Audiojungle

The AudioJungle

If you're looking for some excellent elevator music, Audiojungle is a great place to start. With over 8,000 tracks to choose from, you're sure to find something that suits your needs. Plus, you can't go wrong with prices starting at just $1 per track.

  • SoundCloud

soundCloud offers many different options for producers and artists, including a paid version with better statistics and analytics tools than YouTube.

  • Spotify

Spotify in your supermarket

The basic plan is free, but for ad-free listening and offline playback, you'll need to sign up for Spotify Premium ($9.99/month).

  • iHeartRadio

Free with ads, or $9.99/month for ad-free listening and on-demand music.

No matter which route you choose, be sure to select songs that are appropriate for your target audience and fit the overall atmosphere of your store. The right music can make all the difference in creating a positive customer experience.

Is It Necessary To Pay To Use Elevator Music?

It’s good to pay the person or company who owns the rights to the music. But what if you're playing elevator music in your own business? In that case, you'll need to get a license from the copyright holder to use the music legally. The cost of such a license will depend on several factors, including how many people will be exposed to the music and how long you plan on using the music.

If you're looking for traditional elevator music, several companies offer this type of service. However, if you're looking for something a little more modern or unique, you may have to pay more for the privilege. Again, this will come down to how many people will be exposed to the music and how long you plan on using it.

If you only need it occasionally, then paying for a one-time use may be all that's necessary. However, if you plan on using elevator music regularly, then it may make sense.

What Happens If You Infringe Copyright?

You could be sued for damages if you infringe on someone's copyright. The number of damages you would have to pay would depend on the severity of the infringement and whether it was done by you intentionally. If the infringement was done willfully and caused the copyright holder to lose money, you could be ordered to pay up to $150,000. If the infringement was not willful but caused the copyright holder to lose money, you could be ordered to pay up to $30,000.


Elevator music is integral to the modern soundscape, and finding good quality elevator music can be a challenge. Fortunately, with the right resources, it's easier than ever to find excellent elevator music. Whether you're looking for classic favorites or something a bit more experimental, there are plenty of options out there to explore. With Audiojungle, Spotify, and SoundCloud, you'll be able to quickly and easily find the perfect background tunes for any occasion.


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