What is Stock Music

What is Stock Music?

When it comes to using music in your projects, there are many options out there—with so many choices, deciding which route to go can be challenging. Here, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about stock music – what it is, where to find it, and how to use it.

Have you ever listened to the background music of a movie, advertisement, or video game and wondered how it was created? It could be stock music – a type of pre-recorded audio often composed or arranged specifically for use in various media. If you’ve recently been looking into royalty-free music for your projects, chances are you’ve heard of stock music. But what is it exactly? Let's explore what stock music is, where to get it, and why it can benefit content creators.

What is Stock Music?

Stock Music is a term used to describe the music provided by a ready-made library. It's not created by you but rather by someone else. Stock Music is perfect for commercial projects such as TV commercials, web video ads, trailers, etc. It's also great for adding a bit of personality to your projects, such as YouTube videos or Vlogs.

It is often used by businesses or individuals who do not have the time or resources to create their music. You can find stock music in various places, including online libraries, production companies, and music publishers. There are many benefits to using stock music, including the ability to save time and money and find high-quality music already created.

Types of Stock Music

There are two different types of stock music: licensed and royalty-free. Licensed stock music is music you have to pay a fee to use, while royalty-free stock music is music you can use without paying any fees.

  • Licensed Stock Music

Professional musicians and composers usually create licensed stock music, and brands can use it for commercial purposes. However, you must pay a licensing fee to use the music. The prices can vary depending on the license type and how you plan to use the music.

  • Royalty-free Stock Music

Professional musicians or composers do not create royalty-free stock music. Instead, it is made by amateurs or hobbyists. You can use royalty-free stock music for non-commercial purposes without paying any fees.

Where to Get Royalty-Free Stock Music?

free Stock Music

Many websites offer royalty-free stock music. Some of these sites are listed below:

  • AudioJungle
  • Pond5
  • Free Stock Music
  • Incompetech
  • Musopen

The Best Platforms for Acquiring Licensed Stock Music

There are many great platforms out there for acquiring licensed stock music. Here are just a few of the best:

  • Getty Images Music

With over 8 million tracks, Getty Images Music is one of the largest stock music libraries in the world. They offer various genres and styles, and their prices are very reasonable.

  • Pond5

Pond5 Overview

Pond5 is another excellent option for stock music, with over 5 million tracks to choose from. They offer various pricing options, so you can find something that fits your budget.

  • Shutterstock Music

Shutterstock Music is an excellent option if you need high-quality, professional-grade stock music. They have over 1 million tracks, and their prices are very competitive.

  • Free Stock Music

Free stock music Overview

As the name implies, Free Stock Music offers a wide selection of free stock music tracks. They have many genres and styles to choose from, and all their tracks are free to download and use.

  • Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a royalty-free music library that provides high-quality tracks for video creators, content creators, and businesses. With over 30,000 songs in their catalog, Epidemic Sound has a track for every project. However, it has monthly subscriptions for personal and commercial plans that cost $15 and $49 per month, respectively. Epidemic Sound is the most affordable way to get professional-quality music for your projects.

  • Envato Elements

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service that gives you access to millions of creative assets, including stock music. With Envato Elements, you can download as many songs as you like without worrying about licenses or royalties. New tracks are added by Envato every week, so you always have fresh, high-quality music to choose from.

  • AudioJungle

AudioJungle is one of the most popular stock music websites. It offers a vast selection of royalty-free music, sound effects, and loops. The music on AudioJungle is perfect for use in video projects, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more.

Is Stock Music The Same As Production Music?

Stock music is the same as production music. It's a library of music that you can license. The difference is that stock music is royalty-free, while production music has a fee. Production music is often used in commercials, TV shows, and movies because it's easier to reuse than stock music.

Alternatives to Add Music to Your Audiovisual Productions

There are a few ways to add music to your audiovisual productions:

  • You can hire a composer to create an original score for your project.
  • You can license existing songs or compositions from a music library.
  • You can use royalty-free stock music.

Each option has pros and cons that you should consider before making a decision. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

Hiring a composer will give you the most control over the music in your production. You can work with the composer to develop a sound that fits your project perfectly. However, this option can be expensive and time-consuming.

Licensing existing songs or compositions is often more affordable than hiring a composer, and you’ll have access to a broader range of music to choose from. However, you may not be able to find what you’re looking for, and you’ll need to be careful to ensure that you have the proper licenses in place before using any copyrighted material.

Royalty-free stock music is usually the most affordable option, and there is no shortage of great tracks to choose from. The downside is that you may hear the same music used in other productions, which can take away from its impact on your project.

What Are Stock Music Libraries?

Stock Music Libraries

A stock music library is a collection of pre-recorded music tracks available for purchase and immediate download. Music libraries are typically categorized by genre, mood, or purpose (e.g., background music for corporate videos).

Stock music is a great option for filmmakers, videographers, and content creators who need high-quality music without the hassle or expense of commissioning a custom composition. With so many stock music libraries, finding the perfect track for your project is easy.

How Stock Music Composers Get Paid

Stock music composers are paid royalties by PROs every time companies use their music. Their money depends on their music's popularity and how often the company uses it. The more popular their music is, the more money they'll make.

Composers can also make money by selling their music to companies or individuals. It is usually a one-time payment, and the composer gives up all rights to the music. They won't receive further payments after the sale, even if the music is used by the company repeatedly.


Stock music is a great way to add professional-quality music to your project without hiring a composer or musician. There are a variety of stock music websites that offer both free and paid options. When choosing stock music, be sure to read the licensing agreement carefully so that you understand how you can use the track.



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