Royalty-Free Music Subscription

Royalty-Free Music Subscription

Do you want a piece of music that sounds professional without being too corporate for a business video? Where can you find something similar? There is an inconceivably large catalog of musical selections you may choose. But what is a royalty-free subscription? This article has everything you need to know!

You may subscribe to a royalty-free music service to utilize a song in your project without worrying about paying royalties. Varying sites, such as Premium Beat and Epidemic Sound, provide royalty-free music subscriptions on different terms and circumstances.

Read on to learn about royalty-free music subscriptions, some of the best sites to get a free music subscription, the repercussions of uploading unlicensed music on YouTube, and more.

What exactly does “royalty-free music” mean?

About Royalty-free music

Royalty-free music is a specific form of music license that enables the customer to pay the licensing fee just once and use the music for as long as he wishes, within the limitations of the permit.

Using royalty-free music is preferred by many corporations and popular YouTube channels since they may use the music as often as they want without having to pay a fee, which would significantly raise their production expenses.

Do you have to pay to use royalty-free music?

You have to pay to use royalty-free music

Well, that depends on your choice between ‘paid royalty-free music “and “free royalty-free music.” It is dependent on the specific terms of the song's licensing the composer chooses for the music. There are two main categories of free music, each of which includes a variety of claims.

Public domain music refers to musical compositions that are not subject to copyright protection and may be used by anybody for any purpose without getting permission from or compensating the composer.

As a result, anybody is allowed to make copies, distribute them, modify them, interpret them, and put them on display in public using works that are in the public domain. In these situations, the protected element is the recording or interpreting of the work.

In the creative commons license, in contrast to the preceding claim, the song's creator chooses the conditions within which their work may be copied, distributed, and broadcast. However, there are several prerequisites that you must meet before you may utilize Creative Commons.

  • You will have to recognize the song's artist or state who wrote it as a requirement for any commercial use of the work.
  • Non-commercial implies that you will only use the work for educational or charitable reasons, not profit. It would help if you did not commercialize or turn it into a product that may generate revenue.
  • No Derivative Works license, which ensures the granted rights to use the work in any way, does not include the right to alter the work in any way that results in a derivative work.
  • Authorized use will allow you to do derivative works if you share them under the same terms.

Why should you pay for royalty-free music instead of using free royalty-free music?

You pay for royalty-free music instead of using free royalty-free music

If you plan to alter the music, use it in a commercial venture, or want to avoid crediting the artist, you should use royalty-free music.

Also, Royalty-free music has higher quality than you can get for free. Again, it will only be possible to credit the original artist if you intend to play the music in a video or on the airwaves of a radio or television station. Thus, you have to pay for royalty-free music.

If you want to avoid the hassle and have legal protection in case, the artist chooses to alter the licensing of the songs in the future and vice versa.

What are some of the best sites to get a free music subscription?

Best sites to get a free music subscription

The market for royalty-free music has exploded in recent years, giving rise to hundreds of firms and people specializing in the field. As each of these entities issues its license, you must read the terms and conditions on the website from which you want to purchase.

It's possible to subscribe to one of these services for a year or a month and get access to their complete library of music, while other services may be more interested in giving you a license to use a specific song or sound effect. Most sites cater to different budgets by offering a wide range of rates. Many services provide a free trial period of several days. Some of the places include:

Epidemic Sound is a website that offers a “YouTube subscription” service that is directed only toward YouTube creators and is distinguished by the following features:

  • Epidemic sound features over 30,000 songs and 60,000 sound effects.
  • There will be no licensing concerns with any of the songs included in this subscription,
  • You’ll be able to earn money off of any videos you create.
  • The subscription's song collection is regularly updated.

Channels with less than 500,000 monthly views cost €13/month to subscribe to, those with between 500,000 and 5 million monthly views cost €27/month, and those with more than 5 million monthly views cost €125/month.

Shutterstock's Premium Beat provides one of the most robust marketplaces for professionals to license their visual, musical, and audiovisual material, as well as a wide range of resources designed to facilitate the creative process.

Premium Beat has been one of the most excellent alternatives for video editors for a long time because of its payment mechanism, as song licensing fees begin at $49. it also has a  wide variety of soundtracks it provides, or the quality of the music, since the selection of songs is made personally.

Snapmuse is a relatively new platform that caters to digital content creators. All of the more than 13,000 songs in the library are royalty-free and available for download or streaming so that you may use them in your projects with peace of mind. The music is sorted into a mood, genre, and area-specific playlist, and the website is straightforward if you pay for your membership. Storyblocks, a Videblock subsidiary, is an online marketplace where users may buy and sell audio assets, including clips, sound effects, and music beds.

The songs in their collection are more conventional than the previous platform. Still, it's rather large, including over 100,000 audio recordings.

The search function in Storyblocks is one of its most vital points since it is intuitive and provides a wide variety of criteria to help you find just the right song, and you only pay a yearly fee of €180.

One of the best things about premium beat is that they have songs you can't get anywhere else because they prioritize quality over quantity and review each song they add to their catalog. To help you locate the perfect track, Premium Beat has a powerful search engine, and many of the pieces come with editing tools like loop sets and stems.

For those looking to license royalty-free music, Premium Beat offers a wide variety of options from the classical and modern music genres. You can receive five songs per month at $12.99 per song or $64.95 a month.

What are the repercussions of uploading unlicensed music on YouTube?

Be ready for the consequences if you disregard the warnings and utilize copyrighted music without authorization. If YouTube discovers that you've being used an artist's music without permission, the site may take any of the following actions:

  • Have the clip removed from your account without your intervention, and notify you.
  • Turn off the sound during that scene in the video.
  • Pay the legitimate composer or performer 50% of the video's earnings.
  • Use your video for advertisements without compensating you in any way.
  • Restrict the video's availability to certain countries or areas.
  • In rare cases, the content may have restricted access to certain websites, apps, or media.

That's why it's so important to be cautious when selecting music for any video you want to upload to YouTube or any other social network.

What are the benefits of hiring an original composer instead of using royalty-free music from a stock library?

Benefits of hiring an original composer instead of using royalty-free music from a stock library

Composers know the connection between a piece of music and visual media. It's common knowledge that many talented musicians contribute to the top royalty-free music websites. Finding music that fits the tempo of your screenplay and the vibe you're going for at specific points in the story might take a lot of work.

Hiring a song composer is also a good idea to make a name for yourself. Think about an ad you like seeing during your favorite program. You might identify them by their music alone. Many successful marketing initiatives have relied heavily on this form of recognizable aural branding.

Using a composer is a time-efficient option. You may avoid the hassle of combing through many music libraries in search of a track that will fit with your video by contracting unique music instead. The less time the composer spends composing, the sooner they can go to work turning your ideas into reality.


Producers of digital media may save money by using royalty-free music since they have to pay for a license once. You may also subscribe to a service like Snapmuse that will offer you royalty-free music and decide on a payment plan that works best for you.

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