Music Licensing for Hair Salon

Music Licensing for Hair Salon

Hair salons can be tiring and stressful, but you must project a calm, positive, and enthusiastic image no matter how crampy and worn out you feel. That is why music is essential in a hair salon. But music licensing for hair salons can be confusing.

Hair salons are always the biggest offenders for music licensing.  Here we will educate you on acquiring a music license and why music is essential for your hair salon business. Read on.

If you own a hair salon, you are undoubtedly aware of the importance of music in any type of business. A study says music significantly increases the business’s revenue and creates a favorable employee atmosphere.  If you play background music in your hair salon or under Performance Rights Organization inspection, you must start paying monthly fees according to their terms and conditions.

What Is a Music License for a Hair Salon? Do You Need One?

Music License for a Hair Salon

You should play background music in your hair salon because of the music's mental and emotional benefits. It turns out you cannot just play your personal music collection in a commercial building like a hair salon. Because music is considered a public performance, you will still need a license even when recording. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs), a music publishing company, or the musician themselves are to manage music licensing.

While granting access to these songs, these organizations oversee the intellectual property rights of musicians, songwriters, and other rights holders. You need a music license to start a hair salon business. If you are already in the industry, acquire one immediately to meet the business's legal requirements.

Where Do You Get Licensed Music for Your Hair Salon?

PROs most often offer music licenses. There are dozens of PROs organizations, which vary in their services. The main PROs include:


ASCAP overview

ASCAP is the oldest PRO in the United States. The cost of their music license varies with business and situation. For example, they will consider the potential patrons who will hear the songs, how often they might be played, and how the music is presented. Here, they will consider the number of chairs in your hair salon and your working hours. The license for a hair salon costs about $87 and lasts for a year.


SESAC overview

Member artists manage this organization. Compared to ASCAP, this organization is a little more expensive. They consider the type of business and its size to determine your licensing fee. You can also subscribe to their service for a fee and have unlimited access to their music. They also do not charge per device to allow you to use different devices to stream music. ASCAP charges vary from $79 to $350, depending on the size of your business.

Free Source of Music License for Hair Salon

Free Source of Music License for Hair Salon

When you hear of music licensing for hair salons, you must be pushed from starting the business because of the cost. But that should not be the case. There are sources where you can obtain a music license with no payments.

Such sources include StreemTunes. It is a free source of modern music that can be played in hair salons and other places like restaurants. It offers a FREE license to play a catalog of nearly 1000+ songs. The platform has no fee, hidden cost, or risk of fines or penalties. You can impress your clients with a mix of relaxing, ambiance, and pop music while offering the best of your services.

Penalty for Playing Unlicensed Music at a Hair Salon

Penalty for Playing Unlicensed Music at a Hair Salon

When you play unlicensed music, you can be penalized. The typical penalty is to pay fines of thousands of dollars or more. The maximum statutory fine is always $150 000. The PROs usually send their representatives to hair salons to check whether there is playing music without a license.

They employ software for detection that is almost identical to Shazam's. When the software indicates you have violated, they will sue your company for using songs without a license. A lawsuit is usually costly, so finding a permit to avoid such costs is preferable.

Why Is Music Necessary in a Salon?

Music Necessary in a Salon

Background music is marketing your business that you must consider. When thinking of your salon, there are various reasons music could benefit your clients, employees, and even revenue. They include:

1. To Retain Customers

Whether your customers are waiting to be served or browsing your retail selection, the right music can help them pass the time and entertain. If you create an enjoyable experience for your clients, they will be more inclined to return for another appointment. Your customers should be excited about your services and relax before, during, and after your services. Make sure the background music you play has a positive physiological effect on them.

2. Increasing Revenue

Choosing background music that makes your customers more relaxed and improves their mood goes hand in hand with increasing your revenue. When you play fast music, your clients will be stressed and in a hurry to leave, which is something you don’t want. When you play a more relaxed theme, your customers will take their time and enjoy more of your services because they’ll have a good time.

3. Boosting Morale of the Employees

Music can indeed boost mood. While it encourages customers to spend more money on your services, the employees’ mood will also be lifted, and they will work better. When you play the right music, employees become more focused, motivated, and have an overall positive mood. Your staff having a positive mindset contributes to the better performance of your hair salon.

4. Branding 

Like clients associate a brand with what they see, the same goes for what they hear. When choosing background music, memorability and personality are key here. Other hair salons will also be playing music, so ensure the genre of music you play will make your clients remember you.


When commercializing your business, you must stay legal for the business's success. You do this by obtaining a license for any music you play to ensure you never conflict with authority. Getting a business permit also lets you comfortably choose the right music genre for your clients. The right music for your clients boosts their morale, increasing revenue and marketing your salon services.

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