How To Add Music To Instagram Videos And Stories

How To Add Music To Instagram Videos And Stories

Sharing music with your social media friends and followers is one of the best ways to interact with others. And with Instagram Stories, you can share your new favorite songs while discovering new music via Instagram followers. You may also click on music-related hashtags, an additional method for discovering the greatest new songs to add to your playlist.

Instagram is a popular social network in the world, with 100 million active users every month. Since its inception in 2010, publishing functions and possibilities have evolved. Videos are a prime example of this, as they can be published in several formats, including “story,” “reels,” and the “feed.” They have recently become highly important in enhancing material quality and acquiring more followers. Most influencers share daily content on these three platforms, including dancing trends and brand advertising. If we analyze them, we will find that most of them are accompanied by background music that corresponds to the video's subject matter, making it more engaging, energetic, and appealing: the perfect frosting on the cake for reaching more people with their content. You may now be considering adding music to your Instagram posts regularly. However, whether you have a personal or a business account, selecting the ideal song for your videos is more complex than it sounds.

How to include music into Instagram Stories

It is essential to choose a song or piece of a song that fits within Instagram's 15-second limit for individual Stories. Let's examine the possibilities available for finding a song that fits your Story.

To add music to your Instagram Story, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, launch the application, tap the square button in the screen's upper right corner, and then swipe left on the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen to pick “stories.”

Step 2: Record a video of the content you wish to share at that time, or choose one from your gallery.

Step 3: Then, click the smiley face icon in the screen's upper right corner. Different stickers with possibilities to add to your tale will emerge, but you must choose the one with music.

Step 4: You can search for a certain song by entering its name in the search bar, which will appear alongside a huge collection of tracks.

Step 5: When you select a song, the title and artist will appear in the center of the screen, and a specific portion of the song will begin to play. Nevertheless, you can select the portion of the movie you want to use by sliding the playing bar.

Step 6: The final step is to select the style and layout of the song sticker: square with an image or just the song title and artist. It is also possible to add the song's lyrics in several styles.

Step 7: Once you have made your selection, click the “done” button. You can move it to either side of the screen, resize it, or even make it disappear by dragging it to the bottom of the screen.

You may post your stories with background music, making them more captivating and secure.

How to add music to stream video clips

The final method for uploading videos to Instagram is via the post feed. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the program and click the square button in the upper-right corner.

Step 2: You may also decide whether to record a video or select one from your gallery.

Instagram will provide you with a list of selections after clicking the blue arrow in the upper right corner from which to choose the song that best complements your video. Additionally, you may add voiceover by clicking on the microphone sticker and sound effects by clicking on the speaker sticker.

Step 1: After selecting the song, repeat the preceding steps: Select the desired song snippet by swiping to the left or right.

Step 2: Click the “ready” button to play the video with the background music, and if the results are satisfactory, click the “next” button, add a title and text, and then click “share” to publish the video.

Best methods for adding music to Instagram Stories

There are several ways to add music to your Instagram Story, and they offer various options. You can add songs from Instagram and famous music services like the Spotify app, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Shazam.

If you are still looking for music on Instagram, the greatest alternative search engines are Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Shazam.

  • Spotify

There's a good possibility that Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming apps, provides just what you need. You need a Spotify Premium membership, which costs $9.99 a month for individual plans, to combine it with Instagram.

To add Spotify music, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Spotify application

Step 2: Click the desired song to add it.

sharing spotify songs on instagram

Step 3: Click the ellipses in the upper right corner of the display.

Step 4: In the menu, scroll down and choose Share.

Step 5: Choose Instagram tales

Spotify will automatically launch Instagram for you. It will update your Story with the selected tune and include the album or song's artwork.

Using this strategy prevents the song from playing straight on Instagram. After you upload your Story, the app will generate a link with “Play on Spotify” in the upper-left corner. Your followers must click on the album or song image to access Spotify and play the audio.

  • SoundCloud

Emerging artists predominantly utilize SoundCloud, and Instagram stories are an excellent platform for showcasing this style of music. Showcasing is especially true if you're interested in music production or songwriting and searching for a way to distribute your songs.

Follow these instructions to publish SoundCloud music to Instagram stories:

Step 1: Launch SoundCloud's app

Step 2: Choose the track you wish to share.

Share to Instagram Stories

Step 3: Select “Share to Instagram Stories” after clicking the share icon.

Selecting that option will launch the Instagram app, immediately adding the album or song artwork to your Story. Additionally, you can add a sticker with the SoundCloud logo and music title. Using SoundCloud lets viewers navigate your SoundCloud page to listen to the song. Additionally, you may add hashtags, GIFs, and text to the image to help other users find it.

  • Apple iTunes

Sharing music from Apple Music to your Instagram Story is a fantastic way to show your friends and followers your favorite songs. As with other third-party Instagram Stories integrations, you cannot directly share the music's audio within the Instagram app. The good news is that Apple Music contains over 90 million songs, so you should have no trouble locating the music you wish to share.

The method is simple:

Step 1: Launch Apple Music and tap the ellipses in the upper-right corner.

tap the ellipses in the upper-right corner

Step 2: You now have the “Share” option available.

After selecting Share

Step 3: After selecting “Share,” scroll down the list of available applications and select Instagram.

Selecting “share” will import the album or song artwork with a link to “Play on Apple Music” in the top left corner of your Instagram Story. If consumers click on the link, the Apple Music app will launch, where they can listen to the song.

  • Shazam

Have you ever heard a song in a public setting, on television, or at a party and been unable to identify it? Shazam is a mobile application designed for identifying music. The app has existed for over two decades but has significantly grown since Apple acquired it in 2017. It is now built into all iPhones and even Siri.

Shazam's popularity makes it easier to identify grocery store music using the app. And if you ever feel compelled to share your discovery with your Instagram followers, you can do so immediately from the Shazam app.

Once you find a song, you must complete the following:

Step 1: Tap the ellipses in the app's upper-right corner.

Step 2: Select “Share” then “Instagram stories” from the menu to launch Instagram stories.


Step 3: Launching the Story will transfer the album or song artwork into your Instagram Story and add a “More on Shazam” link.

Using Shazam is an excellent approach to demonstrate to your friends how you discovered or rediscovered music. You may add text and stickers to express how and where you discovered this song.


As you have seen throughout this post, there are three different video formats on Instagram, and each of them takes a different technique to add music; however, they all have one thing in common: you may select the ideal song from the application's extensive music collection. If you want to add a more personal, professional, and business-like touch to your profile, you may also upload pre-edited films with added background music. For this purpose, it is better to use royalty-free music from platforms that, for a nominal monthly price, guarantee there will be no infringement issues. However, if you'd rather do it for free, Creative Commons licenses allow you to do so securely. Choose the strategy that works best for you and your material, and provide your audience with the music videos they've been waiting for.

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