Music for Facebook and Instagram Videos

Royalty-Free Music for Facebook and Instagram Videos

Using music for your videos makes your content more engaging to your followers. You can use music for entertainment and commercial purposes on social media. But be cautious about the music you use for your social media content to avoid breaking copyright laws.

This article has all the information you need to know about using music for Facebook and Instagram videos.

Music is a great way to grab people's attention and keep them watching your Facebook Live broadcasts, Instagram videos, or Instagram advertising. Knowing that most music is copyright protected and requires a charge to utilize it can help you make more informed decisions when selecting music for your videos.

So, where can you get legal music for Facebook and Instagram videos? In this post, we'll talk about just that!

Facebook Audio Library

Facebook Audio Library

The Facebook audio library provides you access to hundreds of professional-quality audio files and audio effects worldwide. Any video you upload to Facebook or Instagram may legally use these sounds, which Facebook owns.

When you use Facebook's Sound Collection, you won't have to worry about your material being detected, restricted, or deleted due to copyright infringement.

How Does Facebook Audio Library Work?

Facebook Audio Library Work

The Facebook audio library has copyright-free music to add to your Instagram and videos. To add the Facebook music collection to your content, here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Sign in to your Facebook using a computer.

Step 2: Visit the audio library known as “Sound Collection.”

Step 3: Explore the music library. You can refine your search by selecting specific criteria such as genre, mood, keyword, track duration, voice presence, and more.

Step 4: To save a song to your computer, choose it and click the download button.

Step 5: Add the song to your video in your free time using your preferred video editing program.

Step 6: Then share the complete video on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Why You Need Music in Your Facebook and Instagram Video

Ads that use music on Facebook tend to perform better. Using music effectively may evoke feelings and help you connect with your audience. It may help customers recall your brand and ad better, help them recognize your brand, and increase their opinion of your business.

Hence, adding music to your Facebook videos is a great way to keep viewers interested and watch until the end.

The Facebook Rights Manager.

The Facebook Rights Manager

Facebook rights manager helps artists protect the rights to their music on Facebook and Instagram. The artist has to upload a reference file that allows the rights manager to find possible matches and evaluate them according to the criteria and parameters specified.

Can You Use Copyrighted Music for Facebook and Instagram videos?

When you want to use music for Facebook or Instagram, you need to buy the rights to the music. For a monthly or annual subscription fee, you can use royalty-free music from some websites.

You can also obtain a Creative Commons License (CCL) to use music in the public domain. The music is free but on the condition that you provide attribution to the artist.

The Best Sites to Get Royalty-Free Music

For a monthly or annual subscription, you can get royalty-free music from website providers. After getting your subscription, you get unlimited music for as long as your subscription is effective.

The following are sites you can get free music.

  • Artlist

Artlist Overview

  • Pond5

Pond5 Overview

  • Soundstripe

Soundstripe Overview

  • Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound Overview

  • Envato Elements

Envato Elements Overview

How Instagram Identifies Copyrighted Music

Like other social media networks, detecting copyrighted music is not done by an individual. Instead, Instagram has a system that identifies posts with copyrighted music. However, the automated system could mistakenly mark your content as copyrighted and remove it.

Actions Instagram Take When They Detect Copyrighted Music

Actions Instagram Take When They Detect Copyrighted Music

When you break the copyright laws, Instagram can:

  • End your live session
  • Put your post on mute and stop the music.
  • Altogether remove the Instagram post.

But Instagram has released a new feature that warns you when you use unauthorized music. The message appears before the live stream, Instagram Story, or another post that plays with this music so that you can choose an alternative. The warning notice also gives recommendations on how to fix the problem.

Instagram and Facebook Rules on Music Copyright

Post only original content on Facebook and Instagram. Do not upload photos or videos that may violate someone else's intellectual property. If you adhere to these four guidelines, your content will be free from copyright issues.

Only upload a song with a video to accompany it. According to Instagram guidelines, your video should always have a visual component; recorded music should not be the main objective of the video.

Your video should be concise. Instagram recommends using shorter snippets of music in your posts. Most people will watch shorter music clips to the end.

Use Facebook's copyright-free Music Collection for Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have an extensive music library that you can use without fear of infringement.

You can use any music you wish in your Instagram stories and for more conventional musical performances, such as when you video a live musician or band.

Finding Copyright Information for a Song.

You can use only a few techniques to know if a song has copyright protection. Use the YouTube Audio library or search for it in the Public domain.

Using YouTube Audio Library.

Using YouTube Audio Library

You may verify the copyright status of a song in YouTube's Audio Library before using it in a video to avoid being fined. Follow this simple guide.

Step 1: Visit YouTube.

Step 2: Go to the Maker Studio control panel.

Step 3: Choose Audio Library.

Step 4: Select “Create” from the menu.

Step 5: Choose the “Ad-Supported Music” option. On that site, you'll find the Audio Library's search bar.

Step 6: Provide the title of the track you wish to verify. Click the “Check its copyright policies” link.

When using the Public domain site, enter the song's title and search. If the music is available on the Public domain site, it's free, and you can use it on any social media.


Music is so helpful not only for entertainment purposes but also for business. You can use Facebook to create ads for Instagram and Facebook marketing. When choosing the song to use for your Facebook and Instagram video, it's essential that you also check its copyright status. Using copyrighted music illegally can make you lose your content or even your social media account.

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