Sam Ash Music Store

Sam Ash Music Store

You may be familiar with the name Sam Ash if you're a musician in the United States. The shop sells everything you could ever need to create masterpieces. But who owns the Sam Ash music store? Find out more in this article!

Sam Ash, America's largest music retailer, has the lowest prices on the newest and greatest musical instruments and accessories. A staff member is always available to assist in your search for the perfect musical instrument. They'll also price-match competitors' prices if you find a better one elsewhere!

Here is everything you would love to learn more about Sam Ash music store, who owns Sam Ash music store, does Sam ash allow you to cancel an order, and more.

Who owns Sam Ash's music store?

Ash family

Sam Ash started the company in 1924, and now it is the most prominent family-owned network of music shops in the USA. Since Paul's passing in 2014, Jerry’s sons Sammy Ash, Richard, and David, the third generation of the Ash family, now run the business.

Sam Ash Music Store Locations

in Hicksville, New York

Sam Ash has its headquarters in Hicksville, New York, and operates 44 stores throughout 16 states. Sam Ash is a music and audio retailer that carries various products for amateur and professional musicians and sound engineers. There are 549 workers at Sam Ash Music's headquarters in Hicksville, New York (at 278 Duffy Ave).

Is Sam Ash a trustworthy organization?

Is Sam Ash a trustworthy organization

Sam Ash is a reliable and legitimate business from which to make purchases. Although there are complaints that its customer service is not the best, they are an honest company that, excluding Guitar Center, sells more music in the United States than any other store.

How much will it cost to get your strings changed at Sam Ash?

strings changed at Sam Ash

You can get help from Sam Ash stores if you want your guitar strings changed. At Sam Ash, a change from a pack of guitar strings that costs $12 will cost you roughly $32.

Most services at Sam Ash cost from $20 to $50, which is within the same range as its competitors, but this does not include strings and components.

How long does it take for Sam Ash to ship out?

How long does it take for Sam Ash to ship out

The typical order processing time is two to four days, but verification will take a little longer on your first purchase if you are a new Sam Ash cardholder. If you order an item on backorder, Sam Ash will send it to you later. If you want to know the status of your backorder product, don't hesitate to contact Sam Ash's customer service team at 1-800-472-6274.

How does Sam Ash ship their products?

Postal Delivery Vehicles Lawsuit

Sam Ash ships the approved orders by FedEx, with certain exceptions shipped via USPS. Unfortunately, if Sam Ash sends your order on the weekend, FedEx tracking information is unavailable until Monday. You may take advantage of this deal by shopping at or calling 1-800-472-6274.

What salary does Sam Ash pay in the state of California?

Sales Associate

There is a wide variety of salaries available at Sam Ash Music, from about $29,000 for a Sales Associate and $44,571 for a Repair Technician. The hourly wage at Sam Ash Music varies from around $12.24 for a Sales Associate to about $14.25 for a Warehouse Associate. For every $100 in sales, Sam Ash employees make between $2 and $10.

Is it ideal for changing all of your guitar strings all at once?

changing all of your guitar strings

Different guitarists have different opinions on whether or not it's better to replace strings one by one to keep the tension on the neck or to replace all the lines simultaneously. Modern guitar necks can endure more pressure, probably more than they would from a guitar with no strings at all.

Do the strings eventually weaken if you don't play your guitar?

Do the strings eventually weaken if you don't play your guitar

What is the shelf life of a new set of guitar strings? Unlike perishables in the supermarket, Guitar strings do not have an end-of-life. However, they are made of metal and will rust if exposed to some elements. Producers of guitar strings often state that their product has a long shelf life, even without opening for years.

Does Sam Ash accept to price match?

price match

Sam Ash is willing to price match to provide you with the best musical instruments at the most affordable pricing possible. You may call Sam Ash at 1-800-472-6274, and they will match the price of any authorized dealer (physical store, catalog, or internet) in the continental United States.

If you discover a lower price for an item you've previously bought from within sixty days of the purchase, inform Sam Ash stores, and they will reimburse the difference.

Which items are eligible for a price match at Sam Ash stores?

price match at Sam Ash stores

You should submit your claims 60 days from the date on the original receipt. Products such as factory seconds, floor samples, and demo models are not part of this sale. Items displayed should be in stock and available for immediate purchase at the dealer making the advertisement.

What should you do if your package arrives damaged from Sam Ash?

your package arrives damaged

When your package arrives, double-check to confirm that it's what you ordered and in good functioning condition. If the box seems tampered with, please reject the delivery and report the issue within 48 hours after delivery. Contact the customer care team at 1-800-472-6274 to get a return mailing label for free shipping.

To what extent does Sam Ash accept returns?

To what extent does Sam Ash accept returns

Within 45 days after the shipment date, you may return an item for a full refund of the purchase price if you are dissatisfied with it for any reason. The instrument you intend to return should be unused and in its original condition, including packing, warranty cards, owner's handbook, and all attachments.

If not, you could pay a restocking fee or pay to have it fixed. Please do not use duct tape or other adhesives that may leave residues. Lastly, note that Sam Ash will not refund you the Costs associated with shipping, insuring, and handling.


If you're looking for the finest musical instruments, go no further than Sam Ash. They will aid you in finding the most suitable devices and match competitors' prices if you discover a lower one elsewhere. Once again, you may request a refund or exchange within 45 days after the shipping date if you are unhappy with your purchase.

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