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Spotify Codes: Complete Guide.

You may find some interesting music you can share with your friends or relatives when streaming music on Spotify. Unlike in previous years when you had to share a link, you share a Spotify code these days. The Spotify code takes you to an exact song or artist. There is more to learn about these codes, so we have prepared this Spotify codes complete guide to help you understand more about them.

Spotify is a popular streaming App worldwide, which also makes the number of users who share the Spotify music link very high. In 2017, Spotify developed a way to help its users share music using a code instead of a link. But what are Spotify codes, how do you share them, and where do you find them? Here is a Spotify code complete guide for you to know more about them.

What are Spotify Codes?

Spotify Codes

A Spotify code is a machine-readable code that generates a scannable image for an item on Spotify. It is quite similar to a QR-Code but has a slightly different shape, and you can only use it on the Spotify App because they have Spotify URIs.

If you have an item you would love to share on Spotify, you can create a Spotify code instead of sharing a link. There is a Spotify code for each playlist, album, and artist on Spotify.

Features of a Spotify Code.

A Spotify code can have varying sizes, but it must be rectangular and have a Spotify logo on its left side. Then, it will have some bars that appear to form a wave-like pattern but generally look like a bar code.

The Spotify code will also have both the background and foreground, which should have two different colors to help the camera distinguish them.

Downloading A Spotify Code.

Spotify has made getting the Spotify code easy, so you don't need an account. To download a Spotify code, follow these steps:

Step 1: Search “” on your browser.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, you will see a search menu; click on it.

Step 3: You can search for either the song or artist you want.

Step 4: You will see three dots below the playlist or artist name; Click on them.

Step 5: Copy the song link and select share.

Step 6: Search “” again and then go to “” on the browser.

Step 7: A white box will ask for the “Spotify URI.” Paste the song link you copied into that box.

Step 8: It will immediately generate a “Spotify code” for you.

Step 9: Choose the codes' background color, file format, and dimensions to finalize.

Step 10: Click download.

Using A Spotify Code.

Using A Spotify Code

Do you have a Spotify code but need to learn how to use it? If yes, then you should first click the code to enlarge it. If the person you share the code with is near you, open the Spotify app on their device and share it directly with them. You can also save the code as an image on your device and send it to someone else.

When you want to scan the Spotify code,

Step 1: Open the Spotify app; on the right side, there's a camera button that you will use.

Step 2: Click on “Scan.” You will receive a notification for permission from your Spotify to access your camera.

Step 3: The device is now ready to scan.

What if you received the Spotify code as an image?

Step 1: You click on “Select from images.”

Step 2: Search for the image from your photos and select “choose.”

Step 3: Spotify will redirect you to the item shared.

How do You Use Spotify Codes?

There are several ways in which you can use a Spotify Code. This section will teach you three main ways to use the code.

  • Marketing.

Spotify codes are great for marketing your business to increase brand and product awareness. You can send other users a Spotify code associated with your products or brand. When they click the code, it will take them to your brand or products, promoting them.

  • You can use Spotify Codes to Share your music.

If you have a new song or a live event, you can use a Spotify code to notify your fans. It is a great and effective way of marketing your music because you only focus on your target group.

  • Offering Invitations.

Designing and sending an invitation card can be difficult if you have an event. But you can choose to be unique and send your intended guests a Spotify code for their invitation. It requires you to be creative when designing the code; then, you can generate and print it or send it through text or email.

Shortcomings of the Spotify Code.

Some of the challenges of the Spotify codes are:

  1. They are a threat to security.

There is no limitation to designing and sharing a Spotify code. You may find that someone can create and share a fake code, which could lead to a malicious website, putting your device at risk.

  1. Limitations with its design.

The design of a Spotify code is quite flexible, although it must have a rectangular shape. Still, they have quite a small space and can only hold very little information.

  1. Spotify Codes are not compatible with other languages.

Another challenge is that they are designed to have the Spotify language, so you can only use it with languages that it's compatible with.

  1. Need to be more reliable.

You can only scan a Spotify code using a camera. But, when you use the camera under low light, you find it hard to scan the code, making them unreliable in such conditions.

  1. Accessibility issues.

The major challenge of Spotify code is that you can only use it with a smartphone that you’ve already installed the app and with a clear camera. Therefore, this limits the number of people using the code to those with a smartphone.

The Digits In a Spotify Code.

Change the Spotify Barcode Color

A Spotify code has 23 bars, and you may notice that all codes begin with a Spotify Logo. Their website specifies that having the Spotify Logo at the front of each code helps the scanner read it.

Can You Change the Spotify Barcode Color?

Yes, you can easily change the Spotify barcode color.

Step 1: When you click the “Get Spotify Code,” you will see some options about customizing the code on the right side.

Step 2: Choose the background color you want to use.

Step 3: Select either a black or white color for the Bar color.

Step 4: Enter the size you want in “Pixels.”

Step 5: Pick the file format for the barcode, which can be SVG, PNG, or JPEG.


Besides using a Spotify code to share music or a musician, you can also use it to market your brand or to invite your fans to an event. But, since there are no restrictions about creating and sharing the code, someone with malicious intentions can create and share a code, exposing you to major insecurities.

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