SoundCloud Promotion Comprehensive Guide

SoundCloud Promotion in 2023 [REAL AND ORGANIC]

SoundCloud is one of the trusted music streaming platforms, with over 135,000 artists opting to upload and promote their content on the music streaming platform in 2021. Are you looking to promote your content on SoundCloud? This post provides a comprehensive guide to SoundCloud promotion for anyone looking to promote their content on the music streaming platform.

Music production has become simpler and more affordable, comparing the past decade and the present situation. Becoming a famous music artist in the 90s meant working with the best music producers and record labels. However, music production became simpler in early 2000 when music lovers began sharing copyrighted content via peer-to-peer platforms like Napster.

SoundCloud is one of the top peer-to-peer platforms making life easier for artists and music lovers. Artists can now upload and promote their content on online platforms like SoundCloud. Here is a comprehensive guide on SoundCloud promotion for content creators.

Benefits of promoting your content on SoundCloud

Benefits of promoting your content on SoundCloud

It is essential to grasp the concepts around SoundCloud promotion before understanding the benefits of content promotion on the music streaming platform. SoundCloud uses algorithms like Discorank to classify and rank content. SoundCloud content promotion helps individual artists take advantage of the internal classification/ranking system, thus optimizing their presence on the music streaming platform. Below are other reasons why SoundCloud promotion is critical for any artist looking to get the most from the music streaming platform.

  • Exposure: SoundCloud promotion exposes you to a bigger audience and grows your presence on the music streaming platform.
  • Followers: SoundCloud promotion exposes your work to more users and increases your chances of gaining new followers.
  • Engagement: Active SoundCloud promotion can help you build a community of engaged fans who are excited about your music and eager to share it with others.
  • Credibility: SoundCloud promotions with a higher conversion rate can help you gain more credibility because of new followers.
  • Opportunities: SoundCloud promotions enhance your chances of getting better opportunities like collaboration requests from other artists, live show performances, or record deals.
  • Analytics: SoundCloud promotion can provide analytics details about your tracks, including the number of plays, likes, reposts, and comments they receive.
  • Cost: SoundCloud promotion is cost-effective compared to traditional music promotion methods.

SoundCloud promotion strategies 

SoundCloud promotion strategy requires several tactics to increase the visibility/reach of your music on the music streaming platform. You can read the content below for the ultimate blueprint of SoundCloud promotion strategies you can implement on your account.

Step 1: Optimize photos on your account 

The first promotion and improvement tip on SoundCloud’s help center page highlights the importance of uploading eye-catching photos on your account. Uploading eye-catching is essential because it is the first impression users get from your account. Design and upload attractive avatars, profile headers, and artwork photos to complement your music posts. Ensure your picture uploads capture the attention of other users if you want your account to become memorable.

Step 2: Edit your bio 

Your bio is the most likely second stop for users impressed with your content. Music lovers often like to connect with the artist on a deeper level if they interact with content relevant to their life. Edit your bio to capture your character and personality to help your listeners bond with your content. You can begin by introducing yourself, your musical style, and notable achievements to optimize your bio profile on SoundCloud.

Pro Tip!

Use spaces in your SoundCloud profile handle (for example, User 001 rather than User001) and try to use the same profile handle on your other social media account handles to improve your visibility on Google search optimization ratings.

Step 3: Social media promotion

Posting and sharing links for your SoundCloud content on your social media accounts is essential if you want to amplify the visibility/reach of your account. You can increase your chances of gaining new listeners if you share your work with followers on your social media account who know you on a personal level. Social media links also help the SoundCloud internal ranking algorithm to classify your account higher in the SoundCloud rankings.

Step 4: Improve interactions

Interactions are a virtual representation of the traditional roadshow tours artists undertake to promote their music. The essence of the road show tours is to gain new fans and show appreciation to current fans. You can promote your account by improving your interaction with new and loyal fans on your account. Improve your interactions by commenting, following, messaging, and liking other SoundCloud users. Interactions also help your SoundCloud account stay active, thus enhancing your exposure.

Step 5: Utilize SoundCloud promotion tools

SoundCloud offers an internal self-serve tool to promote new tracks on the music streaming platform. You can use the Promote on SoundCloud feature tool to get your content in front of more users. Third-party promotion tools also exist, but most are bots generating inorganic traffic.

Tips for uploading promotional content on SoundCloud 

uploading promotional content on SoundCloud 

Below are a few tips to guide you while uploading content requiring a promotion on SoundCloud.

  • Upload quality content: Always upload high-quality content to get repeat listeners and gain followers. High-quality content also improves the credibility of your SoundCloud account.
  • Upload/post consistently: Uploading/posting more helps to promote your account because it lets the internal SoundCloud algorithm know your account is active. However, prioritize posting high-quality content because the rule of thumb is quality over quantity.
  • Offer free download: Offering free downloads of your content can enhance the visibility of your work because users are more likely to share it with others.
  • Use SoundCloud Ads: You can use the SoundCloud Ads feature to offer exclusive content to your loyal fans and followers.
  • Utilize SoundCloud Insights: The SoundCloud Insights feature is an efficient tool to help guide the creative process for your new projects. Use the SoundCloud Insights feature to understand your fan base and create new content appealing to your fan base.


The SoundCloud promotion process also requires extra effort, like utilizing the spotlight feature for premium account members. The spotlight feature helps to single out your posts and increase the visibility of your content. Remember to remain patient because you require ample time to build a network around the above promotional strategies.

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