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Full Guide of Hashtag for Music: Promote Your Music

Using hashtags is an effective way of trying to connect with your online target audience. There is a lot you need to learn about hashtags so that they serve their purpose when you use them. That is why we have prepared this how-to use music hashtags complete guide for you! Dig right in for more information!

Hashtags are an effective marketing tool for your music on almost all social media platforms. Each social media platform has unique rules for you to follow when using hashtags. First, you should ensure your hashtag starts with the # symbol, followed by words or numbers without any spacing. Then, you should know each social media platform's regulations for using hashtags. To help you learn more about hashtags, read this How to Use Music Hashtags complete guide.

What is a Hashtag?

What is a Hashtag

A hashtag is a word or number with a # symbol that helps track or categorize your content. When you use a hashtag, your content may catch the attention of content explorers. You can use hashtags on Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Music Hashtags on Twitter.

Different ways you can use music hashtags on Twitter.

  • Twitter is quite flexible, allowing you to use hashtags at your post's beginning, middle, or end.
  • You can also add a hashtag to a comment as you retweet.
  • Add a hashtag to your Twitter bio.

Hashtags on Instagram.

Where can you use hashtags on Instagram?

  • Add a hashtag on an Instagram caption.
  • Use hashtags in your comments.
  • You can include a hashtag on your Instagram stories

The Importance of Using Hashtags.

Here are some advantages of using Hashtags for your content.

  • Hashtags help you engage with followers.

Using a hashtag is like engaging in an online conversation and making your post stand out. Other followers will then comment, share, or like your content, increasing your brand engagement on social media.

  • Increase Brand awareness.

There is a lot of business competition, so you must be unique to succeed. One way is using hashtags to market your products and build awareness for your brand. You can also use a branded hashtag with your company's name or a tagline as a hashtag.

  • You can use a hashtag to support a social issue.

Β Sometimes there may arise an issue that people take to social media. To show your support for it, use the hashtag.

  • Emphasize a point.

Different social media platforms have requirements for you to meet when posting content. On Twitter, your post can only have 280 characters, Instagram and Facebook is more effective when you use short captions. Instead of struggling to find the right words to use, you can opt to use a hashtag.

The Basics of Effective Hashtags.

The Basics Of Effective Hashtags

The following are some basics of an effective hashtag.

  1. It should have the # symbol.
  2. You can only use 30 hashtags for each Instagram post; if you want to add more, add them in the comments you make below the caption of your post. But this may cause your content to look fake, so be careful.
  3. Hashtags do not have special characters or spaces; they only contain emojis, numbers, phrases, and words.
  4. Make sure you use a public account so that your posts appear when users search for the hashtag.
  5. When you search for a specific hashtag, several of them with related words will appear. You can use them, too, to increase the traffic to your posts.

Finding an Effective Hashtag to Use.

Finding an Effective Hashtag to Use

You have to research to find the best hashtags for your posts. Here are some ways to find an effective hashtag.

  • Monitor the activities of your competitors.

Research the hashtags your competitors and social media influencers use on their posts. Which keywords do they use? How many hashtags do they use in each post? You will know which keywords to use and how your competitors engage with your target audience.

  • Use a hashtag analytics tool or aggregator.

First, do some thorough hashtag research to know the appropriate hashtags before using an aggregator tool. There are some hashtag analytics and aggregator tools with different costs, so you can be sure to find an affordable tool for you. An aggregator tool is crucial because it gives you hashtags for individual posts and those you need to aggregate.

  • Use relevant hashtags.

A good hashtag should serve its purpose of growing your brand awareness. To achieve this, use a hashtag related to your products and services. Market your hashtag by using it in your products and encouraging your followers to use it to drive the traffic you want.

4 Types of Hashtags.

4 Types of Hashtags

There are four different types of hashtags that you can use in different scenarios. How you use them depends on your audience and the goal you want to achieve.

  1. Generic Hashtag.

What is a generic hashtag? It's a viral and widely used hashtag. When you search for a generic hashtag such as #music, you get many results, making it very hard for someone to reach your content due to competition. But you can still use it with other tailored hashtags.

  1. Tailored Hashtag.

Tailored hashtags are specific for an event, location, music, gig, or audience. To know which tailored hashtag to use, research what other musicians or influencers use and start consistently using them. With time, you will create a trend, and your fans can easily search for your posts.

  1. Branded Hashtags.

A branded hashtag aims at increasing your brand awareness. Choose a unique and easy name when creating a branded hashtag. You can also choose to use your band name, or if you have a tagline within your band, you can use it.

  1. Trending Hashtags.

If you are keen on social media posts, you may have noticed some hashtags are viral, but only for a limited time; they are known as trending hashtags. They are cyclical and predictable and may appear on weekends or holidays.

The Best Hashtag Generators.

All Hashtag

There are very many free and paid hashtag generators that serve the same purpose. Here is a list of some of the best hashtag generator websites.

  • All Hashtag
  • Instavast
  • Hashtag Expert
  • Display Purposes
  • Hashtagify
  • SocialBee
  • TweetDeck


Hashtags are a great way of keeping your followers updated about your music or brand. In such a scenario, there are four main types of hashtags to use: generic, tailored, branded, and trending hashtags. You should also know that for your hashtag to be effective, it should start with the # symbol; make sure you use hashtags on a public account and don’t add any special characters or spaces to hashtags.

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