YouTube Music Promotion Full Guide

How to Promot YouTube Music in 2023 [Effective Tips]

Promoting music is not a walk in the park; it requires much effort and determination, especially if you're new in the industry. But everything starts somewhere, and that's why we want to help you gain tactics to see your music go international. Stay tuned as we give a full guide on YouTube music promotion.

 Uploading a song on YouTube is not enough! You need to invent some promotion strategies to have your music reach a wide audience. Just like any other social media platform, YouTube requires pushing. It comes second after Facebook as the most-viewed platform, with over 2Billion subscribers. So, you're likely to have a promising future if you build a strong fanbase on this platform. Here is a full guide on YouTube music promotion.

How to Promote Your YouTube Music

Promoting music requires much effort, especially if you're an upcoming artist. While veteran artists can find it easy to promote their music as they have a wider audience and have mastered the rule of the game, they also started small, so you have to keep your hopes high. Below are a few tips on how to promote your music.

1. Create a YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube Channel

The first step to promoting your music on YouTube is creating a personal Channel. I mean, you can't upload your content and music on someone else's channel when it takes a few steps to create a YouTube channel. Remember to use a nice and memorable brand name for the channel, your stage name is a real deal since it will be easier for your fans to trace it.

2. Get Your Account Verified

Verification of a YouTube channel can significantly impact your musical journey. It comes with benefits that are exclusively available for verified accounts, like improved channel SEO and access to detailed stats. You can request to be verified by the YouTube support team once you've posted at least three videos.

3. Make use of YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

YouTube offers a variety of Ads to help promote your music videos. Some are skippable; TrueView ads that appear before or while watching a video, and bumper ads that can't be skipped. These are the most common ways to advertise yourself on YouTube. The shorts direct potential consumers to your account once they click on them. These ads are strategically positioned on the YouTube homepage and thus have higher visibility. Moreover, they can be customized and placed on several points in a video. To begin creating the ads, you must have an account with Google Adwords.

4. Keep Your Channel active

Fans enjoy the behind-the-scenes lifestyle of their influencers and a sneak-peak into upcoming projects. You can use that tactic to promote your music by posting clips and live-streaming occasionally to let your followers know what you're working on.

Besides that, continuously upload new releases to keep your account active and popular.

5. Use Keywords and quality Thumbnails

Use Keywords and quality Thumbnails

Ensure to optimize your videos for search by including relevant keywords and tags in your videos' titles and descriptions to enable them to pop up on several other searches. You can use keyword search tools to figure out potential keyword to use.

Also, make the videos appealing by including catchy thumbnails. A good quality video attracts more than a blurred one. Fans tend to relate blurry video with poor-quality music, taking quality pictures and using apps like Canva to edit them.

6. Engage Your Audience

A good relationship with your audience is crucial for building a loyal fanbase. Fans stay loyal when they feel valued. Respond, like some comments, start a dialogue, and ask for their feedback on your music and videos. Occasionally, create a challenge with a hashtag featuring your music and let them do and share the challenge to promote the music.

7. Collaborate with other artists.

You require others to grow. Reach out to artists in your niche or with a similar genre and request to collaborate with them. That way, you'll gain new subscribers and followers through their platforms.

8. Boost your YouTube Music on other social media platforms

There are several users of different social media platforms. To gain a massive follow-up, share your YouTube channel on all platforms and encourage your fans to share your music on their pages so as to increase your visibility. You may also want to try paid ads to reach a broad audience.

Furthermore, reach out to bloggers in your niche or request interviews on radio and TV on entertainment and use the platform to update your followers on your newly released hits and tell fans where they can follow and watch your music.

9. Promote your music on YouTube promotion channels.

What are YouTube Music Promotion Channels

Most YouTube Music Promotion channels have a dense follow-up. Being featured on such channels will help promote your music, especially if you're an upcoming artist with unique music. There are several YouTube Channels that promote videos of several musicians and content creators; they include and are not limited to; Thrill, Selected, Rezilienza, FeelTheMusic, and ChillYourMind. Details on how to find and get your music video featured in these channels are provided below.

What are YouTube Music Promotion Channels?

YouTube Promotion Channels are channels under YouTube used for sharing music and video. They are similar to playlists and feature specific genres from several artists. They have their subscribers, and if you want your music to reach a wider audience, you can request them to feature your music on their channel as a marketing strategy. Some of these channels have grown to become record labels.

How to Find YouTube Promotion Channels Related to Your Genre and Contact Them

YouTube Promotion Channels

With numerous YouTube promotion channels around, you’d want your music to be featured in one that is in a better position to make your music a hit. After all, what you want are subscribers. Here are tips on locating a suitable channel and their contact details.

  • First, you need to find an artist whose tracks sound like yours. He must be doing well musically but is yet to make it big on the platform.
  • On the YouTube search bar, type his name and that of his music. A complete list of channels that have uploaded that track will display. They are usually highlighted in yellow.
  • Pick any channel and visit its official page to find out the number of subscribers it has. This appears on the homepage.
  • Also, visit its “About” page. Under “Description,” you'll explore the kind of music they share and their contact details.
  • You can now proceed to pitch at them, get started, and have your music shared.

How to Upload Your Music on YouTube Channels

There are several renowned artists featured on YouTube channels. So if you're starting, here are a few guidelines to help effortlessly convince these channel accepts to promote your music videos.

1. Ensure to produce a high-quality music video.

Consumers are interested in quality things. To get your music out there, ensure it meets high standards to attract a huge fan base. Ensure the music you upload on your YouTube channel is refined; it should be well-edited. Use high-quality musical instruments and cameras and, if possible, hire professionals to guide you through the process.

2. Keep your pitch short and factual.

Short and precise pitches sound official and readable. When pitching to a channel you want your music featured, be precise and direct to the point. Keep your tone official and persuasive but not exaggerated, trying to explain why you badly want it featured. Instead, let the music talk for itself.

3. Provide a streaming link.

You must add a link to your pitch to make it easy for the promoters to access and listen to your music without searching for it from other platforms. Otherwise, they may ignore your pitch.

4. Provide a download link.

Provide a download link for the promoter. They would want to share your song. Ensure the song meets the highest standards ever.

5. Give relevant background information.

A short bio gives a glimpse of what to expect from the item. Draft a short bio about the music and add social media links for potential fans to follow you and listen to more music from you. A bio will either make people listen to the music or ignore it based on the description in the bio.

6. Prioritize premiers and offer exclusives

Exclusives attract more consumers, thus increasing the number of views and subscribers. Channels would appreciate featuring exclusives or premiers as they are highly anticipated and are limited to only one channel. You, however, need to figure out a channel with great impact since benefits vary from one channel to another.

7. Provide relevant credentials

Include your track record in the pitch. Indicate if you have been featured before on other platforms and any other achievement you've attained musically to increase your acceptance.

8. Allow copyright

Copyright is a major issue in the music and film industry. It, however, requires trust to allow copyright to a featured channel. They rely on that permission to run adverts on the video and avoid being flagged by YouTube. These channels raise revenue from the ads.


YouTube is a powerful music promotion platform. The strategies it has in place, like ads and promotion channels, provide an excellent way for musicians to reach out to a great audience and attract new fans. The information we've provided above on YouTube Music Promotion will help you understand how it works. You can build a loyal and robust fanbase for your music if well implemented. Best of luck!

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