Best Spotify Playlists in 2023

20 Best Spotify Playlists for Every Mood in 2023

The music industry is dynamic and constantly changing. If you're looking for playlists you can listen to with various up-to-date hits, check out this article on the 20 best Spotify playlists in 2023. Whichever your taste of music is, you’ll find something to enjoy.

There are numerous featured artists on Spotify. The platform has a variety of playlists created for specific types and categories of songs from new hits, trending music, workout, mood-boosting and energy-boosting, among others. It can be hectic trying to find a hit with the Spotify Release Radar or the Discover Weekly as curated by its editors and individual users. Here is our roundup of the 20 best Spotify playlists in 2023 you should listen to on Spotify.

1. Mood Booster

Mood Booster for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • No of likes: 7,505,872
  • Duration: 4h 6min
  • No of Songs: 78

What's your mood? Whichever it is, the mood booster playlists can help lift your spirit and boost your energy level, just as the name dictates. This playlist can be played when feeling happy or sad, while showering, and even in the mood for romance. It features veteran artists like Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adele, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Rema, and it contains a blend of upbeat pop and electronic hits.

2. Popular Party Playlist: Mint

Mint for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • No of likes: 6,015, 521
  • Duration: 4h 4min
  • No of Songs: 75

The mint playlist is the world’s biggest dance hit with great hits to level up the energy in a party. The playlist is tailored for partying and contains the latest and hottest rock and roll dance hits from artists like Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Snakehips, and Allan Walker Biscits, to name but a few.

3. Popular Travel Playlist: Songs To Sing In The Car

Songs To Sing In The Car for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • No of likes: 10,383,045
  • Duration: 6h 6min
  • No of Songs: 100

Road trips don’t have to be dull when Spotify can sort you out. Keep your mood high with popular road-trip-inspired tracks on Spotify that you can listen to and sing along to while on road trips or when driving along the serene countryside. The Songs to Sing in the Car playlist features artists like; Taylor Swift, OneRepublic, Harry Styles and Beyonce.

4. Trending Playlists: Big On The Internet

Big On The Internet for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • No of likes: 3, 445,168
  • Duration: 6h 44min
  • No of Songs: 129

Big on the Internet is a playlist consisting of trending and viral songs. If you're a trending song fan and want to stay updated with the latest releases, this playlist is meant for you! You'll get to listen to artists like Travis Scott, Tyler, Miley Cyrus and Alan Walker.

5. RnB: Are & Be

Are & Be for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 2h 49min
  • No of likes: 6,212, 192
  • No of Songs: 51

RnB hits are here to stay as they are ever on fashion. If you love RnB music, the Are & Be playlist will sort you out. It features renowned artists like Marshmellow, Jannelle Monae, Summer Walker, Leon Thomas, Beyonce, and Miguel. Tune to the playlist on Spotify and enjoy the hits.

6. Workout: Power Workout

Power Workout for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 2h 47min
  • No of likes: 4,225,073
  • No of Songs: 50

During workouts and morning runs, you need a punch of intensity to get your heart pounding and drive your motivation. Spotify provides a power workout playlist with high-energy tunes from artists like Drake, 21 Savage and Jay-Z.

7. Sleep: Night Rain

Night Rain for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 16h 55min
  • No of likes: 1,258,269
  • No of Songs: 378

Sleep requires calmness and relaxation, and you'll definitely want to listen to soothing music to help you or your baby sleep easily. The Night Rain playlist has numerous songs from artists like Mahesh, Freyr and Key Humphrey that you will listen to all day and night.

8. Gaming

Gaming for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 3h 43min
  • No of likes: 5,521,736
  • No of Songs: 99

Gaming tracts are made for gamers to help them stay alert and be motivated especially during video games. If you’re looking for a playlist on Spotify to listen to while gaming, Phonk Gaming has a curated playlist with motivating and high-energy tunes compiled from artists like; Kordhell, Slowboy, Henson and DJ Gudog.

9. Summer Chill House 2023

Summer Chill House 2023 for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Selected
  • Duration: 6h 15min
  • No of likes: 1,091,206
  • No of Songs: 114

The summer chill house playlist is a public playlist with a selection of genres updated weekly to allow you to listen to various songs as you relax and unwind by the beach. Some artists featured in the playlist are; Duke Dumont, Hayden James and Somma.

10. RapCaviar

RapCaviar for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 2h 31min
  • No of likes: 15,343,171
  • No of Songs: 51

RapCaviar is one of the most liked playlists on Spotify. It contains various tracks from famous artists like Justine Beiber, Rick Ross, Drake, J. Cole, Gucci Mane and Kodak Black, and is arguably a playlist you'd love to listen to all time. It is a dream of most artists to have their songs featured in the playlist. Log in to Spotify to listen to the latest music from Lil Curk, Moneybagg Yo and Kodak Black.

11. Mega Hits 2023| Popular Songs| Best Music Hits

Mega Hits 2023 for Spotify Playlists

  • By: hotamazingnetwork
  • Duration: 6h 22min
  • No of likes: 91,445
  • No of Song: 130

The Mega Hits 2023 Playlist consists of assorted genres of major hits of the year, popular songs, top hits of the day, viral hits, summer hits and radio hits from 2022-2023. The songs in the playlist are from renowned artists like Ed Sheeran, OneRepublic, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift, among others. It's, therefore, one of the 20 best Spotify playlists in 2023.

12. Energy Booster| Indie

Energy Booster- Indie for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 5h 53min
  • No of likes: 242,626 likes
  • No of Songs: 100

It is a playlist meant to level up your energy when feeling lazy and also for exercising. It contains curated music genres like Pop and RnB.

13. Today’s Top Hits

Today’s Top Hits for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 2h 40min
  • No of likes: 33, 749,016 likes
  • No of Songs: 50

Today's Top Hits is a playlist featuring new and trending songs of all genres, whether Pop, Rock or RnB. It is ideal for those who love staying up to date with the latest hits. The playlist features veteran artists like Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West, and Lux. It contains a curated list of hits and is among the most liked playlists on Spotify; thus, we had to include it in our 20 best Spotify playlists in 2023.

14. Hot Country 2023

Hot Country 2023 for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Scherbs
  • No of likes: 11,677 likes
  • Duration: 6h 26min
  • No of songs: 110

Hot Country 2023 is an inspirational playlist with various country music from artists like Morgan Wallen, Bailey Zimmerman and Christina Alford, among others.

15. Trap Nation

Trap Nation for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Trap Nation
  • Duration: 7h 46min
  • No of likes: 2,051,424
  • No of Songs: 138

Trap Nation is a curated playlist with genres from Marshmellow, Omar Linx, San Holo, and Two Feet, among others. It is one of the most liked playlists on Spotify; thus, it’s among the best.

16. All Out The 00s

All Out The 00s for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 9h 56min
  • No of likes: 10,766,032
  • No of Songs: 150

The All Out 2000s playlist contains music from the recent past. It is ideal for Thursday Throwbacks and any mood. Some featured artists are; Kanye West, Keane, Eminem and The White Stripes band.

17. Sing-Along Indie Hits

Sing-Along Indie Hits for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 9h 23min
  • No of likes: 965,147
  • No of Songs: 150

These Indie favourites showcase unique music talents from all over the world. The playlist features upcoming Indie musicians like; Vance Joy, Declan McKenna and Franz Ferdinand.

18. Summer Playlist 2023

Summer Playlist 2023 for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Uncommon
  • No of Likes: 57,935
  • Duration: 5h 49min
  • No of Songs: 106

The summer playlist is a perfect accompaniment during summer. It contains upbeats to listen to as they enjoy themselves in the sun. It is a public playlist featuring artists like Calvin Harris, Nicky Youre and Taylor Swift.

19. Gold School

Gold School for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 3h 27min
  • No of likes: 3,483,381
  • No of Songs: 50

This playlist is dedicated to Hip Hop enthusiasts as it contains songs from the best rap artists globally, like; 50 Cent, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and others.

20. Dancehall Official

Dancehall Official for Spotify Playlists

  • By: Spotify
  • Duration: 4h 13m
  • No of likes: 1,009,847
  • No of Songs: 89

Dancehall is high-energy music. The official dancehall playlist contains numerous vibes to cheer you up when you want to uplift your mood and throwback somewhat. Artists featured in this playlist include but are not limited to Kranium, Squash, Busy Signal and Vybz Kartel.

Bottom line

There are several fantastic playlists you can listen to on Spotify. Several new hits are uploaded daily on the platform, but the above 20 best Spotify playlists in 2023 won't disappoint you as they are based on current trends and predictions. Whatever your mood or taste of music is, there is always something for you. What is keeping you waiting? Tune in to Spotify today and enjoy these playlists.

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