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Top 10 Royalty Free Sad Music (+ Where to Download)

Are you working on a project that requires a somber and introspective tone? Don't start without looking at our list of the Top 10 Royalty Free Sad Music. So, put on your headphones and get ready to be inspired – the perfect music is just a click away!

Ugh, is there anything more frustrating than spending hours searching for the perfect soundtrack for your project? We feel your pain! This becomes more of a problem if you plan on monetizing the content, which will require you to acquire a license for the music. Well, this means you just can't use any sad song you find, maybe your favorite 21 Pilots track. This is where royalty-free music shines—with royalty-free music, you get access to a pool of music you can use without worrying about copyright infringement. The music is of high quality and comes from a wide range of genres.

If you're in search of a heart-wrenching melody to match your creative project, look no further than our top 10 list of royalty-free sad music, complete with convenient download links. Trust us; you won't be disappointed.

Where To Get Sad Royalty-Free Music

Where To Get Sad Royalty-Free Music

There are many platforms out there specializing in royalty-free music, but not all have high quality and variety when it comes to sad royalty-free music. The following are the top 4 platforms to find royalty-free sad music for your projects.

  • Epidemic Sound
  • Artlist
  • Motion Array
  • SoundCloud

Note: You can browse through the above platforms without a paid subscription and even without logging in, thanks to the sites' user-friendly interface that allows you to sample the music.

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On Epidemic Sound

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On Epidemic Sound

Chances are, if you've been in the market for royalty-free music, you've heard of Epidemic Sound. With an enormous library of high-quality tracks and sound effects, their music is a cut above the rest. What sets Epidemic Sound apart is its collaboration with real artists worldwide. If you are looking for sad music to use in your projects, Epidemic Sound has everything you need.

The following are the top 10 sad tracks on Epidemic Sound.

  1. Ruiqi Zhao – I Enjoy My Loneliness
  2. Yinon Muallem – Rast in Peace
  3. Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen, Anna Dager, Hanna Ekström – Eventide
  4. Pandaraps, Big Soda, Is Our Children Learning Feat. Criibaby – Weather
  5. Dreem – agora
  6. Ave Air – The Joyful Mystery of Being Alive
  7. Magnus Ludvigsson – We Were Younger Then
  8. Joyspring – The Rose of Sharon
  9. Geminii – Blame Game
  10. Franz Gordon – Foxear

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On Artist

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On Artist

Artlist is one of the largest emerging royalty-free music libraries for artists and filmmakers. Their Sad Collection provides the perfect soundtrack for any project that needs an emotional touch. Whether you are looking for instrumental or vocal tracks, Artlist has a variety of moods and styles to fit any project. Artlist also enables you to select the music based on the BPM (Beats Per Minute) and even preview it in a variety of different formats.

The following are the top 10 sad tracks on Artlist.

  1. Russo & Weinberg – Stay
  2. Low Light – Undertow
  3. Straight White Teeth – Our Love Was Beautiful
  4. Jane & The Boy – Pieces
  5. Jamison Dewlen – Translucent Mind
  6. Kyle Preston – Because Existence Is Relationship
  7. Eleven Tales – Welcome to the Real
  8. Ardie Son – Come Back Home
  9. Flint – Through Mountains
  10. Melancholia – Yonatan Riklis

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On Motion Array

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On Motion Array

Motion Array is a great place to start if you are looking for assets for your video projects. The platform has a wide variety of royalty-free music and sound effects to choose from. Their library is also easy to navigate and includes music and sounds of all genres, so you are sure to find something to fit your project.

The following are the top 10 sad tracks on Motion Array:

  1. Elena Anisimova – Sad Love Story
  2. Casey Sana – Drunk In Milan
  3. Erik Vargas – If You Say Youre Fine
  4. PB&J – The Snowdrop
  5. Raspberrymusic – I Was Here
  6. Melodrama – Autumn Morning
  7. Valster – Snow Butterfly
  8. Melodrama – Rain Drops
  9. Eitan Epstein Music – Sad Colours
  10. Makis Hager – Anticipation

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On SoundCloud

Top Ten Sad Royalty-Free Music On SoundCloud

You have heard of SoundCloud, haven't you? SoundCloud is perhaps the most popular platform for discovering, streaming, and downloading music. The platform is also great for creative commons content. With creative commons content, users can access and use recordings and compositions without having to pay royalties. All you need to do is credit the artist. This is great since it saves you a lot of money when it comes to creating soundtracks for your projects.

The following are the top 10 sad tracks on SoundCloud.

  1. Twenyohthree – need to know (prod. seen)
  2. Helena ッ – lund – broken (slowed down)
  3. Bon Iver St. Vincent – Roslyn Slowed Echo
  4. Justin Sharf – I've Never Felt So Alone (Extended)
  5. Anson Seabra – Broken
  6. Anson Seabra – I Can't Carry This Anymore
  7. Anson Seabra – Robin Hood
  8. sgay – ark patrol – let go + guitar
  9. Tony Cuozzo – Space Song – Beach House (Slowed)
  10. Dio – Bring Me the Horizon {Can you feel my heart} Slowed+Reverb

Why You Should Use Royalty-Free Music

The beauty of royalty-free music is that you can use it for any project without worrying about copyright issues. With top-notch platforms like Epidemic Sound, Envato Elements, Artlist, and Motion Array, you can access a vast selection of royalty-free music perfect for any project. All have a trial period where you can test out the music, so you don't have to worry about investing money without knowing what you are getting. If you are looking for sad music to use in your project, all platforms have the perfect selection of music for you to use. After obtaining an affordable license, you can utilize the music for any purpose, including commercial endeavors!

Bottom Line

And there you have it! A collection of 40 melancholic melodies, each with a unique style and emotion. From heartfelt vocals to soulful instrumentals, our list has it all. The best part is that you can listen to it all right now, just click on the corresponding link and put on your headphones for the ultimate experience. While you can sample the music without signing in, downloading any song requires creating an account on the corresponding platform.

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