Background Music For Twitch

Background Music For Twitch

Are you looking for the perfect background music for your Twitch stream? Enjoy uninterrupted listening with Background Music for Twitch. Millions of songs are available in the style you like. Listen to them in your browser. Everything is fast and smooth, just as you expect it. And it's all free.

Twitch is one of the best-known platforms for live streaming. It lets people show their video games, concerts, and other events to people all over the world. Adding background music is an important part of making a successful Twitch stream. Background music can help set the mood for your stream and create an atmosphere for your viewers to enjoy. It can also keep people interested in what you're saying or doing by giving them something to look at while they're listening.

In this guide, we'll talk about an overview of the best practices for using background music on Twitch, as well as information on the legal considerations involved. Whether you've been streaming for a while or are just getting started, this article will help you give your viewers a more interesting and professional experience.

What Kind Of Music Can Be Played Legally On Twitch?

What Kind Of Music Can Be Played Legally On Twitch

As long as the song is not copyrighted, you are free to play it in your stream; nevertheless, you will need permission from the song's owner before you may broadcast it on Twitch. Twitch allows three different types of music to be played during streams: Songs that you wrote and recorded yourself and to which you hold the rights, legal music downloads that you have permission to play, and music for vocal performances on Twitch Sings.

Musical Content That's Allowed On Twitch

 The following types of music are permitted:

  1. Musical tracks that are your property. such as those created by you or one of your affiliates. This includes music you have licensed for use on Twitch and any other video platform.
  2. Music for which you are licensed. You can use music that you are licensing from Twitch in your channel.
  3. Tracks from the Twitch Music Library. If you own an artist page on our website, you can upload your music library directly to our platform. As long as Twitch is able to access that license information, you'll be able to use it in your stream.
  4. Performances at Twitch Sings. If you have music performances from the Twitch Music Library that still needs to be licensed by an artist page on our website, Twitch will approve them for use in your channel.

Musical Content That's Not Allowed On Twitch

The following are the most common types of musical content that are not allowed on Twitch.

  1. Representations Of Songs: This means you cannot play a song or a snippet of a song and ask the streamer to sing along with it. You can only play the entire song, or show an image of it.
  2. DJ Session: DJ sessions are an extremely popular way to connect with your audience, but they fall under this restriction because they involve playing music tracks for an audience.
  3. Karaoke Performance: You cannot sing karaoke during your live streams.
  4. Playbacks: Playbacks are basically recordings of someone singing or playing music without any visuals on screen. They do not fall under this restriction because there is no representation of a specific work in this form.

How Do You Find Music To Play On Your Twitch Stream?

Music To Play On Your Twitch Stream

You can create custom music for your Twitch stream using various services. Here are some of the most popular:

  1. Soundtrack By Twitch: Soundtrack allows you to create custom music tracks to play on your stream. You can choose from several pre-made tracks or upload your own MP3 files and customize them. The service will then generate a unique playlist containing all of your tracks, which you can share with your viewers via your channel page or embed in a game page.
  2. Royalty-Free Music: Royalty-free music is also available through Soundtrack by Twitch. It's similar to Creative Commons music in that you don't have to pay anything if someone downloads or streams one of your songs; however, there are no limitations on how many people can use it or where they can post it.
  3. Creative Commons Music: This method requires that everyone who uses one of your songs gets permission from you before doing so
  4. Public Domain: Since the United States copyright law does not protect music in the public domain, it is free to be used however desired. On January 1, 2022, music from 1926 and prior will enter the public domain, thus providing 400,000 recordings to be utilized, including a vast amount of silent movie soundtracks.

How To Set Up Soundtrack And Add Music To Your Live Streams

The following steps are for setting up Soundtrack and using music in your live streams:

  • Download and install Soundtrack on your PC. It's currently compatible with OBS and Streamlabs OBS, so you can use it with any of these programs.
  • Open OBS and add the “VOD* Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch” source. This will allow us to route the audio from Soundtrack through our program while preventing it from being recorded to your Stream Archives and Clips.
  • Ensure that the Soundtrack plugin is installed and activated to ensure that the audio from Soundtrack will be routed to your live stream while preventing it from being recorded to your Stream Archives and Clips.
  • Start Soundtrack before you begin your stream to prevent the audio from Soundtrack from being included in your VOD. If Soundtrack is started after the stream has begun, the audio from Soundtrack will appear in your VOD and may be muted by Audible Magic.

The Best Genres Of Music For My Twitch Stream

Many genres of music work well for Twitch streams.

  • Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a genre of music that is popular among Twitch viewers. It’s not just about the beats and rhymes, though. It’s about the lifestyle and culture behind it. If you want to stream your favorite hip-hop songs or if you want to learn more about how to stream hip-hop, then this article will help you out.

  • Electronic Music

Electronic music is usually instrumental or has simple lyrics. It can raise tension, make you feel calm, or help you focus by having regular beats that can go on for several minutes.

  • Indie And Acoustic Pop

If you want to give your stream a light, melancholy, or soothing vibe, look for newer artists who play piano, acoustic guitar, violin, and other instruments not commonly seen in regular pop tunes.


Background music can improve a Twitch stream by setting the mood and keeping people interested. To use music on Twitch legally, it must be free to use, or the owner must give permission. Twitch lets people play three kinds of music: their own songs, legal music downloads, and Twitch Sing performances. You can find background music through services like Soundtrack by Twitch and those that offer royalty-free music. Adding background music to your stream can make it look more professional and give viewers a better time.

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