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10 Best AI Music Generators (Royalty Free Music) for Creators [2023]

AI Music Generators are already making a significant impact on the music industry. More of these tools are coming up and this article explores the best of them all. Find out which AI Music Generator suits your style.

Music has long been a powerful tool in the hands of creatives. But not everyone is fortunate enough to possess the gift of creating music. Thanks to technological advancement, we can now use these tools to create music that is just as good as that composed by humans. In this article, we get into the 10 best AI music generators of 2023.

Ai Music Generators Explained

AI music generators analyze existing music and create new compositions based on that analysis. The AI algorithms used in music generators are trained using a vast amount of data, which allows them to create innovative and compelling music.

AI is changing the music industry by offering a new way for artists to create music. Instead of relying on human composers, artists can use AI music generators to produce music that is unique, original, and tailored to their needs.

Ai music generators vs. Human composers

AI has several advantages over human composers. These programs can create music much faster than humans and can analyze vast amounts of data in a short period of time, which allows them to create music that is more diverse and complex.

Human composers, on the other hand, have the advantage of being able to inject their emotions and personal experiences into their music. They can create more expressive and meaningful music than an AI music generator can produce.

10 Best AI music generators of 2023

1. Amper Music

Amper Music AI Music Generators

This AI composer allows you to create your music for free, but you can only download it after purchasing a license. It provides a chance to edit the composition by previewing, adding, removing, and changing the tone of the instruments used.

Monthly Pricing

  • Personal – $5
  • Commercial – $$99


  • User-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.
  • Create a remix by changing the harmony, rhythm, or both.
  • Edits the instruments used in composing.


AIVA AI Music Generators

AIVA is a beginner-friendly AI music generator that has been trained on the works of many composers. This program can create music in various styles, including modern cinematic, jazz, rock, fantasy and more. It has been used by several major brands, including Sony and TED.

Monthly Pricing

  • Free
  • Standard – $99
  • Pro – 33


  • For the free and standard plans, the copyright is owned by AIVA.
  • Has preset algorithms for different styles of music.
  • Users can download in MP3 and MIDI file formats.

3. Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code AI Music Generators

This AI-powered music generator is branded as an assistant for creatives. It pushes the user in their creative process to compose unique music.

Monthly Pricing

  • Pay as you go – $1.99
  • Premium – $9.99


  • 14-day free user trial with unlimited features.
  • Users can only use it in the application.
  • It's a collaborative tool, allowing the user to be the composer
  • Video tutorials to teach users on using Amadeus Code

4. Humtap

Humtap AI Music Generators

Humtap is an AI music generator that allows you to create music by humming or singing into your smartphone's microphone. This program uses AI algorithms to analyze your inputs and generate music tailored to your voice.


  • Available only for iOS devices
  • It's free to use
  • Requires an invite from an existing user

5. Mubert

Mubert AI Music Generators

Mubert AI music generator creates music in real-time. The company has several products, including an API, studio, and streaming service.

Monthly Pricing

  • Free
  • Creator – 11.69
  • Pro – 32.40


  • Attribution required for the free plan
  • All music generated using paid plans is royalty-free and copyright-safe.
  • Has mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

6. Splash

Splash AI Music Generators

The music company has two music AI apps, BeatBot and Spash app. BeatBot uses text prompts to create short lyrics. It's free to use.

Splash is an easy-to-use application that creates beats. It's the go-to tool for DJs and music composers.

Monthly Pricing

  • Splash Premium – $14.99


  • BeatBot is based on GPT3.
  • After lyrics compositions, BeatBot allows you to download or share them on Twitter.
  • The Splash app has no free plan.

7. Soundraw

Soundraw AI Music Generators

It's a popular composition tool used by creatives. Soundraw allows creatives to set the tempo as fast, normal, or slow. It has unique moods, such as funny and weird, glamorous, and sexy among others.

Monthly Pricing

  • Free
  • Personal plan – $19.99


  • Ability to bookmark songs.
  • Personal plan can be used for individual and commercial use.
  • Music can be made for a maximum length of 5 minutes.
  • Copyright of generated song remains with Soundraw.

8. Soundful

Soundful AI Music Generators

The platform lets you choose from over 50 templates of different genres and moods. Upon sign-up, the music featured is tailored to the creative you are, such as DJ, composer, or video creator.

Monthly Pricing

  • Free
  • Premium – $9.99


  • Tracks can be downloaded in MIDI, STEM, and MP3 file formats.
  • It has a variety of staff picks to choose from.
  • It has a feature to invite creative friends from different socials, such as YouTube and Twitter.
  • It saves the user's time by sending an email of the render status to alert that music is available for download.

9. Tuney

Tuney AI Music Generators

Tuney combines artist-made stems with generative musical elements to make new and original music. Whether a beginner or a professional, Tuney can help you unleash your musical creativity.

Monthly Pricing

  • Free
  • Creator – $9.99
  • Pro – $19.99


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Uses high-quality audio format instead of MIDI.
  • Allows the user to customize the length of their files

10. Boomy

Boomy AI Music Generators

Boomy makes original songs in seconds, even if you've never made music before. You can choose from different styles, such as their new electronic dance.

Monthly Pricing

  • Premium – $2.99
  • Pro – $9.99


  • Has an active following of over 4,000 Boomy members on Discord.
  • Partners with Dolby mastering technology to enhance the production of music.
  • Have no phone applications and compositions are purely web-based.


AI music generators are changing the music industry by offering a new way for artists to create music. While they have several advantages over human composers, they also have the limitation of lack of depth of human emotion and creative intent. As we continue to use these programs, let use them only to guide us in the creative process.

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