Get Your Apple Music Replay

How to Get Your Apple Music Replay

With the year ending, it's that time to relive the music that made your year! With the Apple Music Replay feature, you can get an overview of the music you have been listening to throughout the year. The feature is designed to give Apple users an enjoyment akin to that of Spotify's year-end Wrapped highlights.

However, viewing your Apple Music Replay can be tricky at first. Here's how to get your apple music replay. But first;

What Does Apple Music Replay Show?

Apple Music Replay

The Apple Music Replay feature highlights;

  • Your most streamed song and the number of times you have listened to it.
  • Your most preferred artist (top artist you played) and the number of minutes you have played their songs.
  • How long (minutes) you have played music during the year.
  • The leading album in your playlist and the number of times you have it.
  • Your top five music genres.
  • The total number of hours you have spent listening to different streaming stations.

The collection of your year’s favorite music tracks is to make it easier for you to listen to your hits from one single place.

How to Get Your Apple Music Replay

You must have an active Apple Music subscription plan to get your Apple Music stats. There are a couple of the subscription plans, so choose the one that works best for you. To access your Apple Music Replay, you need Safari or any other web browser.

Here are easy steps to get your Apple music Repay;

Step 1: Visit the Apple Music web player via

Step 2: Tap the Sign In button at the top right corner and use your Apple ID credentials to log on the platform. Apple's Music Replay dashboard is now at your disposal.

Step 3: Now tap Get Started to;

  • Get insights for the year: You can now view each song, artist and album you have played since the year started. You will also see the play counts and the time you have spent playing the songs.
  • View your year-end Replay: When the year ends, you can view your top songs, artists, playlists, genres, albums, and stations you have been streaming. Further, you'll also view play counts, totals, and the time you have spent playing them. You also get to see the top streaming stations.
  • Play your whole year highlight reel: You can now memorialize your yearlong playlist with tracks and visual recaps of the songs you have mostly been listening to.
  • Share insights: You can share your tailored listening insights on social media or email as a link message by tapping the Share

Apart from your music stats for the past year, you can also get a playlist of your most played songs for each year you've been a subscriber at Apple Music. You can view your past top playlist by;

  • Opening the Apple Music app on your device
  • Maneuver to Listen Now
  • Scroll downwards to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year.

You should now be able to view the top songs per year since you subscribed to the Apple Music plan.

What to Do if You Don’t See Apple Music Replay

Sometimes, you might not see Apple Music Replay even after visiting the Apple Music web player. If this happens, try these solutions:

  • Restart your browser: Close your browser and reopen it. This should refresh your page and allow you to see Apple Music Replay again. If not;
  • Play more music: Sometimes, the Apple Music Replay will not show if there is not enough music in your library. You need to listen to more music! Open the Replay site to check the progress bar that shows how many more music tracks you need to listen. Once you listen to enough music, you will receive a notification that your Replay is ready!

If the Replay feature is still not visible, check and ensure the Use Listening History is switched on across all your devices. Here is how to confirm;

  • On your iPhone or iPad: Open the Settings menu, navigate to Music and switch on the Use Listening History
  • When using Mac: Go to the Apple Music app, select Music, navigate to Settings, and click the General Next, choose Use Listening History.
  • If you are using an Android device: Launch your Apple Music application and tap More. Proceed to Settings and activate Use Listening History.

Apple Music Replay and Privacy

Apple Music Replay and Privacy

Even though Apple keeps a record of your listening activity, it still maintains Apple's high standard of data privacy. Your music insights are private; they are never sold, shared or used by the company for their benefit. However, you can share the insights with your family or friend whenever you want to.

Apple employees or other Apple Music subscribers cannot access the insights at anytime.

What You Need to Know About Apple Music Replay

What You Need to Know About Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay summarises your last year's music listening habits on Apple's music streaming platform. It's a neat way to see which artists and albums you spent the most time with over the past year. Here is what you need to know about this feature;

  • You cannot access your Apple Music Replay feature through a mobile app. You need to do it through a web browser.
  • You can only view your Apple Music Replay if you have subscribed to any of Apple's Music subscription plans.
  • The feature is available in all regions with Apple Music.
  • Any song on the Apple Music file played repeatedly will count as a stream. So if you listen to the same song repeatedly, each time you play, it will add to your total number of streams.


When it comes to viewing your listening habits for the year, Apple Music Replay has it all. It will show you all the important statistics you want to know about your listening routine, including your preferred songs, artists, albums and streaming stations. However, this feature is not available on any app, you have to open your browser to access it. Additionally, you can only view your stats if you have an active Apple Music subscription plan.

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