Royalty-Free Music for Video Games

25 Best Sites to Get Royalty-Free Music for Video Games

For most ardent gamers, the music is as vital as the characters, as it gives a new level of excitement to the game. In this post, you will discover the 25 Best Sites to Get Royalty Free Music for Video Games.

Which are the best 25 Sites to Get Royalty-Free Music for Video Games? Luckily, several websites give thousands of gaming music tracks for free. This page thoroughly defines these sites and their characteristics.

1. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound Overview

Inexpensive and straightforward to use, Epidemic Sounds allows you to utilize any of their music tracks in your films with no additional fees or restrictions.


  • It has more than 35000 royalty-free songs ranging from 1 to 10 minutes.
  • A library of over 90,000 sound effects is at your disposal.
  • Music is available in different categories to make it easy to locate the particular song you want.

2. Audiio

Audiio Overview

You may use Audiio, a music licensing site, to locate and purchase the ideal track for your next video game. They offer hundreds of music from independent composers sure to fit the mood.


  • Quick and easy licensing that helps you save time and effort
  • Advanced tagging system to help you sort music by mood, style, genre, instrumentation, and more.
  • Quality Assured Music Collection: They take pride in their collection and aim to maintain it in its pristine state.

3. Pond5

Pond5 Overview

Pond5's stock music includes songs and sound effects that have already been licensed for public usage without charging any further fees.

It's great for short films, YouTube videos, news articles, advertisements, presentations, and other projects with few resources and a tight deadline.


  • contains a wide variety of free and paid musical styles for commercial usage.
  • The 16 categories of Royalty-Free Stock Music each include hundreds of songs, and some even reach the thousands.
  • It's simple to find the music you're looking for by typing in a keyword or exploring the various sections.

4. Musicbed

Musicbed Overview

They collaborate with over five thousand best musicians worldwide to deliver thousands of original tracks in every conceivable musical style. Pop, hip-hop, rock, electronic dance music (EDM), country, alternative, and more can all be found on Musicbed.


  • You may sort the collection of over 35,000 carefully selected songs by mood, style, pace, and instrument.
  • Complete albums by your favorite bands and artists are available for streaming.
  • You can make and store playlists of your music.

5. Artlist

Artlist Overview

For as long as you're working on a project for a single client or a business, you're free to utilize the Artlist music in whichever way you see fit.


  • Enjoy a year of free listening to the whole music catalog on the artlist!
  • You may use the music in any way you choose without worrying about paying royalties.
  • Pick from an ever-expanding catalog of music that includes every imaginable genre.

6. Music Vine

Music Vine Overview

Music Vine's staff of music supervisors has selected various tracks from independent artists to use as the basis for your soundtrack. Also included are profiles for artists on the music discovery platform Music Vine, where you can check out more of their music and read bios.


  • The A&Rs at Music Vine search far and wide for the most promising new artists and only license the highest-quality recordings for inclusion in the service's catalog.
  • Each song must be unique, technically sound, and suitable for usage in visual media.
  • Their goal is to provide a more cost-effective alternative to traditional commissions.

7. AudioJungle

AudioJungle Overview

You can buy and sell music, sound effects, and loops on AudioJungle, the world's largest royalty-free digital audio file marketplace. The experts at AudioJungle have hand-picked this collection, which comprises work from some of the most talented musicians in the world.


  • Since AudioJungle is a product sold on Envato Market, its audio files are free to use in commercial projects.
  • Products sold are reviewed and approved by knowledgeable moderators.
  • They are confident in the superiority of the goods and services they provide to their clients.

8. Motion Array

Motion Array Overview

You can find hundreds of tracks on Motion Array, ranging from serious background music and film soundtracks to lively indie rock and catchy pop tunes. They provide a growing collection of tutorials to assist you in getting started with stock music.


  • It contains Video Game Music, Website Music, App Music, and Website Music.
  • The weekly free download package includes a preview tune, the whole track (320kbps), and a license certificate.

9. Premium Beat

Premium Beat Overview

Premium Beat provides the best royalty-free music for both digital and analog media, and they do it at the lowest possible prices.

They have you covered from dramatic soundtracks to driving indie rock and every genre in between, with over ten thousand carefully selected recordings.


  • Premium Beat employs a staff of professional musicians who write and edit the music. As a result, every song in their collection is an original creation.
  • All of their content is free to use anywhere in the globe.
  • This license allows you to use the music in any commercial or non-commercial context, including for resale.

10. Soundstripe

Soundstripe Overview

Sometimes it takes work to track out fantastic music with radio-ready quality for use in a video. Soundstripe offers subscriptions to royalty-free music for as low as $9.99 a month, giving you access to an extensive collection of songs and sound effects.


  • Music is 100% royalty-free and comes with a lifetime license.
  • You may download and use sound effects and Premiere Pro and integrations as much as you want.
  • You can unlock additional Soundstripe mobile app capabilities.

11. Bensound

Bensound Overview

You may use any of the hundreds of songs on the Bensound site without worrying about paying any licensing fee. Whether you're looking for music in the mainstream, cinematic, acoustic/folk, electronic genres, or something completely new, you'll find it among our eight distinct categories.


  • The layout of this music website is simple.
  • There's a play button if you want to listen to music for a while.
  • Each song includes a full explanation of how to use it.
  • A detailed FAQ and help page are available online if you need further assistance.

12. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive Homepage

The Free Music Archive is a collection of songs created by tens of thousands of different artists. Scott Holmes, a single musician, compiled a whole album of background music for businesses. For formal permission to utilize the song, send him an email.


  • It specializes in providing music for artists and filmmakers
  • It contains various music styles, from blues to classical to folk.
  • You can tell how popular a song is by how many times it has been downloaded.

13. Free Music For Commercial Use

Free Music for Commercial Use Overview

There are 27,000 subscribers to the YouTube Free Music for Commercial Use channel. The music included on the channel was created by various solo musicians.


  • This website offers a wide variety of selections, including both instrumental and vocal works.
  • Each song is free to use, and the music video is updated monthly.

14. AShamaluevMusic

AShamaluevMusic Overview

Every advertising or promotional video requires a catchy tune, and AShamaluevMusic can provide that. The site's creators spent a lot of time creating music in 30 categories, ranging from “corporate” to “Christmas,” so you can easily choose the perfect tune for your advertising needs.


  • It supports 320 kbps of music.
  • You may become a patron if you wish to utilize the music monthly.
  • All of the music resources are for commercial and enterprise use.

15. Audio Blocks

Audio Blocks Overview

In addition to offering a large variety of free, royalty-free music, Audio Blocks stands out because of the site's innovative visual representation of the audio clip's loudness levels.

Depending on the volume of the music, you may adjust the video's other audio effects and settings accordingly.


  • It's a robust and feature-packed music website
  • It's free, and the music is organized by instrument, mood, and genre.
  • You may download videos and pictures in addition to music.

16. DL Sounds

DL sounds Overview

DL Sounds is a music library that delivers loops, full songs, and samples for use in business and corporate settings. Finding the music you need on this site is simple, and no special permission is required to use the songs.


  • You may choose your preferred audio format (MP3 or WAV) and tempo (from 0 to 1000 beats per minute).
  • Access to all of the music libraries requires a user account.

17. CcMixter

CcMixter Overview

It’s based entirely on the user community it has fostered and offers free downloads of independent music for any purpose.

You'll have to check at individual tracks for instructions, but generally speaking, most producers merely want credit if you utilize their remixes.


  • It supports BMPs up to 130 megapixels, which is more than enough for most purposes.
  • It provides a range of bpm options, from zero to one thousand.
  • It is available under three distinct licensing models (completely free, free for personal use, and accessible on a sliding scale).

18. Musopen

Musopen Overview

Musopen stands out due to its high-quality, royalty-free music suitable for commercial usage. They not only have CDs but also provide sheet music and books.


  • You can download music recordings, sheet music, and educational audiobooks without paying royalties.
  • The only way to access music is by downloading an app that stores it.
  • You can stream songs for free and then save them to your device.

19. PacDV

PacDV Overview

PacDV has an enormous library of original musical compositions available for free download and usage in any creative project. Explore their library and see how they've categorized the titles based on how they make you feel.


  • All music is exclusively in MP3 format.
  • You may use music freely, but you cannot resell it on another site
  • These sites also include free-to-use sound effects.

20. Free Stock Music

Free stock music Overview

You, the music lover, are the intended audience for Free Stock Music. The music in their corporate section can help you discover the perfect soundtrack for your next Video game.


  • You may search for music based on your mood.
  • MP3s are an option for the audio format.
  • Recommendations for similar songs are provided after each track selection.

21. Jamendo

Jamendo Homepage

Jamendo Licensing is one of the most user-friendly search engines on the site. It offers a library of more than 200,000 royalty-free songs. Even though you'll have to pay for a license to use their product, they provide reasonable pricing.


  • The website has a searchable database of royalty-free music organized by genre and tempo.
  • The website has a comprehensive user guide.

22. Hook Sounds

Hook sounds Overview

Hook sounds Composes high-quality, original music that complements your material without charging royalties. You can get the best music and sound effects for your game here.


  • It provides music you can't find anywhere else in the world.
  • They have their in-house musicians making brand-new tunes.

23. TunePocket

TunePocket Overview

The royalty-free music tracks on TunePocket are an impressive library of music for use in media productions such as videos, TV shows, movies, and more.


  • Its wholly prepared and produced music tracks are accessible as quick downloads.
  • The company employs a staff of experienced composers and producers to generate its stock songs.

24. Audio Network

Audio Network Overview

With over 190,000 tracks in its database, Audio Network is a go-to resource for licensed production music worldwide.


  • MP3s and uncompressed WAV files, ideal for broadcasting or editing, are among the many music file formats available.
  • Media-grade music of the highest quality is used in production.

25. Mixkit

Mixkit Overview

Mixkit is a simple platform that offers royalty-free music without needing a subscription or any additional fees for downloading. You may get it here if you need it for podcasting or commercial production.


  • Mixkit also includes helpful video-making templates.
  • You can use the music without attributing it to the original composer.


Several websites, like Musicbed and Bensound, provide Royalty-Free Music for Video Games. Most of them will let you utilize the tunes without having to credit the original creator. The music you hear on other sites is unique since they employ in-house composers. That said, we come to the end of this listicle. Tell us which of these sites you are going to check out, in the comments section below.

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